Phoenix Suns’ Frank Kaminsky Has 2 Years to Prove He’s Worth It

In the past, the Phoenix Suns’ draft picks have disappointed fans but seen success in rotation roles later. The difference this time: The Suns are the ones to benefit from adding a low-risk former high pick. Frank Kaminsky has turned out to be a good rotational player, and his drive to succeed is strong. So what does the future look like for the 26-year-old?

Frank Kaminsky signs a $10 million, two-year deal

Just after he became a free agent, Kaminsky signed a $10 million two-year deal with the Suns. Prior to this, he’d had a four-year tenure with a lot of ups and downs. Charlotte Hornets did not extend his contract despite finishing the 2018-19 season strong.

The University of Wisconsin alum did not live up to the hype during his time with the Hornets. In four seasons, Kaminsky only managed an average of 9.8 and shot from the field at only 42%, a low record for someone his height. In the end, he did not fit into the Hornets’ plans. He managed an average of 8.6 points and 3.5 rebounds per game during the 2018-19 season.

Despite not expecting a starting role, Kaminsky had made improvements on defense, and he can contribute regularly. His strength is three-point shooting.

Phoenix may be Kaminsky’s perfect home

These strengths should assist him in getting time on the court. In Phoenix, Kaminsky has a better chance of being part of the team and making the most out of his opportunity. The Suns have not managed to win in at least four years. They desperately want to turn things around following an offseason where the team landed vital players. 

Only time will tell whether Kaminsky will be integral to the Suns’ plan. He, however, has to get more opportunities than he did in Charlotte. As last season progressed, he had some incredible performances, but his relationship with the Hornets was already irreparable. 

Kaminsky’s incredible preseason

Kaminsky showed as much in his first game with the Suns in the preseason. He performed well in his 23-minute debut, putting up 14 points and four rebounds. The 7-foot-tall power forward also posted 16 points and eight assists against the Trail Blazers

In the preseason finale, Kaminsky surprised many with another excellent performance. Although Phoenix lost to the Denver Nuggets, he tallied 22 points, three assists, and six boards in just 19 minutes.

Kaminsky has two years in his contract to prove his worth. We believe he’s found the perfect fit with the Suns. But it only preseason; there’s work to do before Phoenix becomes what he needs.