Photos of the 2018 World Cup Players’ Wives and Girlfriends

You recognize plenty of famous faces in soccer during the 2018 World Cup — but the players aren’t the only folks in attendance we’re looking at. Many of the ultra-talented sports stars brought along their wives and girlfriends to cheer them on from the stands. And you may be surprised by the famous singers, actresses, and models who are dating the players, too.

Here are photos of the beautiful ladies who cheered for their athletic beaus during the World Cup games.

1. Pamela Anderson (Adil Rami’s girlfriend)

Pamela Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival
Actress Pamela Anderson attends the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 20, 2017, in Cannes, France. | Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Adil Rami had a great season as a center-back with Marseille, so he replaced an injured Laurent Koscielny in the World Cup, reports. And though you may not have seen too much of Rami in the past, you’ve certainly seen his girlfriend, Pamela Anderson, before.

The Sun reports the two met back at the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2017. And though they dealt with some serious language barriers, Anderson still moved to France to live with Rami.

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2. Bruna Marquezine (Neymar’s girlfriend)

Brazilian model Bruna Marquezine
Brazilian model Bruna Marquezine | Bruna Marquezine via Instagram

He’s known for his World Cup theatrics, but that’s not the only aspect of Neymar’s life that Brazil fans are paying attention to these days. The Daily Express says Bruna Marquezine, a famous Brazillian actress, is set to move in with Neymar in Paris following the World Cup.

Though Marquezine’s career began at age 10, she’s all over social media now thanks to her red-hot Instagram posts. The two have split up in the past as well — but it seems they were able to reconcile.

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3. Annie Kilner (Kyle Walker’s girlfriend)

Annie Kilner
Annie Kilner, soccer player Kyle Walker’s girlfriend | Annie Kilner via Instagram

The 2018 World Cup has been great for England fans, and it’s shined the spotlight on player Kyle Walker, too. And it seems the current games aren’t the only life-changing event going on in Walker’s life. The Daily Express reports his girlfriend, Annie Kilner, wants to have another child.

Kilner and Walker already have three boys, and 25-year-old Kilner reportedly wants a little girl. As far as their relationship is concerned, the two have been dating for over nine years — so perhaps a new baby will be in the future.

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4. Antonella Roccuzzo (Lionel Messi’s wife)

Antonella Roccuzzo
Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of Argentina soccer player Lionel Messi | Antonella Roccuzzo via Instagram

Argentina didn’t quite make it to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, but we were still impressed by the team’s captain, Lionel Messi. And fans are also loving his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo. The Sun reports the two met when they were 13 years old and finally married in July 2017. When they tied the knot, it was also known as “the wedding of the century” in Argentina.

Though Messi’s World Cup dreams are over, we’re sure he’s glad to be back home with Roccuzzo and their children.

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5. Shakira (Gerard Piqué’s wife)

Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona and Shakira pose with the trophy after FC Barcelona won the Copa del Rey Final match between FC Barcelona and Athletic Club at Camp Nou on May 30, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.
Gerard Pique of Barcelona and Shakira | David Ramos/Getty Images

Spain didn’t manage to make it all the way through the World Cup, but defender Gerard Piqué did the best he could for his team. Regardless, he’s going home to see his ultra-famous wife, Shakira. And though you’re certainly familiar with the Colombian singer’s voice and moves, her romance with Piqué is almost just as well-known.

People reports the two met in 2010 after the South African World Cup. And they’ve been all over each other ever since.

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6. Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski’s wife)

Anna Lewandowska
Anna Lewandowska, wife of soccer player Robert Lewandowski | Anna Lewandowska via Instagram

Robert Lewandowski is known for being an incredible striker on the field — and his beautiful wife, Anna Lewandowska, is also known for her athletic ability. The Sun reports this Polish athlete has represented her country in world championships as a black belt in karate. She also has her own healthy eating plan available to the public that keeps her fit.

As for the couple, they wedded in 2013 after dating for five years, and they also have a daughter.

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7. Anastasia Kostenko (Dmitri Tarasov’s wife)

Anastasia Kostenko, wife of Dmitri Tarasov
Anastasia Kostenko, wife of Dmitri Tarasov | Anastasia Kostenko via Instagram

People are saying this beautiful Russian model may be the most gorgeous wife or girlfriend of anyone at the World Cup. Anastasia Kostenko is already making a name for herself as a Russian model, as she won Miss Russia World in 2014, Speakers’ Corner reports. Not only that, but she reportedly caught Russian soccer player Dmitri Tarasov’s eye, too — and he allegedly divorced his wife for her.

Thankfully, the drama has passed — though we do wonder if this marriage is slated to last longer than Tarasov’s first.

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8. Noémie Happart (Yannick Carrasco’s wife)

Noemie Happart
Noémie Happart, wife of Yannick Carrasco | Noémie Happart via Instagram

Known for her supermodel past, Noémie Happart is another beauty who turned heads at the World Cup. She reportedly met Belgian soccer player (and now, her current husband) Yannick Carrasco at a bar in Belgium. When they met, he apparently had no idea she was a model — and she didn’t know he played soccer, says The Sun.

You may remember their famous public kiss, too. When Carrasco scored the equalizer goal in the Champions League final in 2016, he raced over to where Happart was sitting and kissed her on camera.

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9. Rebekah Vardy (Jamie Vardy’s wife)

Rebekah Vardy
Rebekah Vardy, wife of Jamie Vardy | Rebekah Vardy via Instagram

England’s done well for themselves in the World Cup, and that’s with the help of striker Jamie Vardy. And like so many of the other wives and girlfriends, Rebekah Vardy flew out with her kids to watch her husband play ball. Together, the couple has two children of their own, and Vardy has two kids from a previous relationship as well, Hello! reports.

The public isn’t being too kind to Vardy, however. Daily Mail Online says Russian trolls have called her and the other England wives “ugly” and “hags.” Thankfully, she was able to brush it off.

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10. Jesica Sterling (David Ospina’s wife)

Jesica Sterling with her husband, soccer player David Ospina
Jesica Sterling with her husband, soccer player David Ospina | Jesica Sterling via Instagram

David Ospina was clearly the first choice when it came to goalkeepers for Colombia, reports. His team may not have won — but he does have his beautiful wife to cheer him on.

The Sun reveals Jesica Sterling married Ospina in 2012, and they now have two children together. It seems they keep their relationship relatively out of the media whenever possible — though Sterling appears at many of her husband’s games, and fans seem to approve.

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11. Edurne Garcia (David de Gea’s girlfriend)

Singer/TV presenter Edurne Garcia
Singer/TV presenter Edurne Garcia | Edurne via Instagram

She’s Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea’s girlfriend — but if you’re from Spain, you also know who Edurne Garcia is. The Sun reports this Madrid-born beauty has showcased her talents as a singer since 2005. Now, she’s also an actress and TV presenter. And the couple reportedly has been dating since 2010.

As far as de Gea’s World Cup performance is concerned, it certainly wasn’t his best. And it seems Garcia is getting some of that heat, too, as trollers have sent her rude messages about her boyfriend’s poor performance.

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12. Georgina Rodriguez (Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend)

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo | Georgina Rodriguez via Instagram

Portugal may not have made it to the end, but it seems Cristiano Ronaldo is still ready to live large with his current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. Daily Mail Online reports Georgina Rodriguez shared a photo of her and her boyfriend brushing lips on Instagram. It appears one of Ronaldo’s sons was also on holiday with them.

The Sun says the two have been dating since 2016, and they have a daughter together. Engagement rumors have been swirling as of late, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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13. Ruby Mae (Dele Alli’s girlfriend)

Ruby Mae
Ruby Mae, the girlfriend of English soccer player Dele Alli | Ruby Mae via Instagram

The beautiful 23-year-old Ruby Mae has been seen cheering her boyfriend, England’s Dele Alli, on during the World Cup games. The Daily Express reports Mae has also posted photos of her and Alli on social media, saying she’s “so proud” of he beau.

As for their relationship, The Sun reports the lingerie model has been dating Alli since 2016. Some are even calling her the “Queen of the WAGs.”

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14. Maja Nilsson (Victor Lindelof’s wife)

Maja Nilsson and Victor Lindelof
Maja Nilsson with her husband, Manchester United player Victor Lindelof | Maja Nilsson via Instagram

Sweden’s Maja Nilsson and Victor Lindelof reportedly had trouble keeping their hands to themselves, as the Daily Express says they showed some serious PDA during a World Cup game. Seeing as they were just married in May 2018, we suppose their affection makes sense. And Nilsson hasn’t been shy about sharing her love for her husband on social media, either.

The two reportedly became engaged when Lindelof popped the question in the Maldives, and they had a beautiful (and lavish) wedding in Sweden a year later.

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15. Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos’ wife)

Pilar Rubio
Pilar Rubio, wife of soccer player Sergio Ramos | Pilar Rubio via Instagram

She stands as one of the most famous Real Madrid WAGs and is known for her stunning beauty. The Sun reports Pilar Rubio and Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos have been together since 2012. And while many sources claim the two are married, they have yet to officially announce their status.

Either way, they’re certainly in love and in it for the long haul, as they have three children together. The couple’s latest baby was just born in March 2018.