Proof That Kevin Durant’s Injury Return is Right on Schedule

Since suffering a torn Achilles tendon back in last June, Brooklyn Nets All-Star forward Kevin Durant has been on a steady path towards a full recovery. Durant has already been ruled out for the entire 2019-20 season, which has eased up the expectations around the rate of his rehab as he’s around seven months removed from the injury. It appears that Durant has taken another critical step forward in his recovery.

Kevin Durant’s recovery

Following his expected departure from the Golden State Warriors, Durant has remained on track with his recovery. The Nets have stayed the course with the plan to keep him out for the entire season as he’s dealing with a potentially career-changing injury that typically takes around a full year to heal completely.

Brooklyn hasn’t pushed up that timeline throughout the process as the notion has continued to remain on him being out of the mix until next year. Throughout the recovery process, Durant has stayed around the team on the bench, especially during home games this season.

The Nets knew what they were getting into by committing to a max contract with the two-time NBA Finals MVP. That would entail him more than likely missing the first year with the team, with the focus being on making their real push in the 2020-21 season.

However, that shouldn’t completely derail them from being encouraged by the progress that he continues to make as he has taken another major step forward.

Kevin Durant takes another step forward

There hasn’t been much publicly voiced around Durant’s recovery process other than that he will miss this entire season, a sentiment that head coach Kenny Atkinson expressed this past Saturday.

However, Durant appears to have pushed his way through to another step in the rehab as reporters saw him go through standstill shots on the court on Wednesday morning. The fact that he has moved to this portion of the rehab is a promising sign that he’s well on his way towards healing fully from the injury.

Durant is a long way from being able to get back on the court, but the fact that he’s putting up shots on the practice court is a significant stride forward in his recovery. It has been a tough process for him to work through, given that he’s been off the court since last June, but he’s well on his way toward being ready to go well ahead of next season.

Nets’ expectations for 2019-20 season

It hasn’t been the season that the Nets hoped to put forth, but it was expected to be a tougher mountain to climb without Durant in the mix. Brooklyn has also dealt with All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving being out of the mix for a lengthy stretch due to a shoulder injury.

Irving recently returned to the court, but it has been difficult for them to get over the .500 mark and are on a four-game skid. Despite that, the Nets are currently sitting in the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, holding a three-game advantage over the Detroit Pistons.

Brooklyn has had some promising play from veteran point guard Spencer Dinwiddie excelling in a more prominent role, especially when Irving was out as he’s averaging career highs with 21.8 points and 6.4 assists per contest. The Nets have a solid core group in place that should be more than enough to push them forward to stay in playoff contention.

That will come down to their ability to gel and build chemistry together with Iriving finally healthy. Only time will tell if their current roster can lead them to a second straight playoff berth.