Raiders LB K.J. Wright Rips NFL for Postponing Browns Game Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

It took 14 weeks, but Week 15 of the 2021 NFL season has been ravaged by COVID-19 issues. The league has been hit so hard by positive tests and players being placed in protocols that three games were postponed, including the Las Vegas Raiders and Cleveland Browns game shifting from Saturday to Monday.

The Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks game was moved to Tuesday, as was the NFC East battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Football Team.

The decision by the league to move these games didn’t go over too well, and Raiders linebacker K.J. Wright was one of the players to voice his frustration with the announcement.

Raiders LB K.J. Wright is not thrilled after the NFL decides to postpone the games

Before the Raiders were slated to travel to Cleveland, the NFL announced that the games would be postponed. The Browns, Rams, and Washington were the three teams hit hardest by protocols, prompting the league to go to the drawing board.

There is just one problem — it didn’t go over too well, and Wright shared his thoughts on the news.

Wright certainly has a valid argument. At the beginning of the year, the NFL put new protocols into place, but they then changed them amid the outbreaks, which did not please some of the players involved.

All in all, it was always a tricky, complicated situation that the NFL put into place. It isn’t an easy situation to deal with, especially with the high number of positive tests that surfaced over the past week.

The whole situation is a headache, and Wright isn’t the only person to be a bit frustrated with the decision.

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod and Mark Davis also shared their thoughts on the decision by the NFL

Rodney McLeod is another player whose team got affected by the postponed games. The Eagles had very few cases on their end, but Washington was hit hard — prompting the response from the 10-year NFL veteran.

Washington had more than 20 cases on their end, which coincided with that of the Browns and the Rams.

So, Wright and McLeod disagreed with the decision, especially since their teams weren’t affected by it as much as the other team.

The Eagles and Washington play on Tuesday, giving both teams ample time for players to return negative tests and come off the COVID-19 list in time to suit up and be ready. On the other hand, Philadelphia wasn’t thrilled when Landon Dickerson landed on the COVID-19 list ahead of the game.

Raiders owner Mark Davis also shared his feelings on the matter, insisting that Las Vegas is at a disadvantage and arguing that Cleveland should travel to Allegiant Stadium.

The NFL has a lot of questions to answer about this, and it doesn’t help that the NFLPA president — JC Tretter — plays for the Browns.

The Raiders might be even more furious after a few Browns players came off the COVID-19 list over the weekend

Raiders LB K.J. Wright voices frustration after the NFL moves Browns game.
Raiders LB K.J. Wright and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell | Ethan Miller/ Sean M. Haffey/ Getty Images

With the game being moved from Saturday to Monday, this allowed players extra time to return negative tests and come off the COVID-19 list.

Well, that was precisely the case for some Browns players on Sunday, including guard Wyatt Teller.

Moreover, quarterback Baker Mayfield expressed optimism on Instagram, but ultimately he and Case Keenum were not able to clear protocols in time.

Sure, the NFL insists that this move is due to player safety, but Wright and Davis have every right to be upset with how everything was handled.

Mere hours before the Raiders were scheduled to travel to Ohio, the game was changed, and to add insult to injury, the Browns had a practice scheduled for Saturday.


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There are so many layers to peel off of this headache caused by the league.

At this point, the NFL needs to take a step back and take a long, hard look at the protocols and rules they put into place for 2022, especially after this Week 15 debacle of rescheduling and shifting around games.