Rams Once Tried to Lure Brett Favre out of Retirement

Throughout the latter stages of his Hall of Fame career, Brett Favre flirted with retirement before ultimately stepping away from the game in 2011. It was something that Favre had heavily considered on multiple occasions but returned to the field for his last few seasons before a concussion in his final campaign proved to the final straw. However, the chatter around him coming back didn’t exactly cease as the then-St. Louis Rams gave the Old Gunslinger a call to see if he would suit up once last time for them.

Brett Favre’s struggles with retirement

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Near the tail end of Favre‘s tenure with the Green Bay Packers, the talk of retirement had grown quite loud.

It led the franchise to cover their backside by drafting Aaron Rodgers as his eventual replacement. In his final two years with the Packers, there was constant chatter about him stepping away from the game, which he decided to do after the 2007 season.

However, that proved to be shortlived as he asked to be released from Green Bay to allow him to play for another team. However, the entire process lingered out as he was eventually traded to the New York Jets, where he played just one year with the franchise. Favre retired again after the season, but that was temporary as he was released in April 2009 and signed with the Minnesota Vikings in August 2009.

Favre spent his last two years with the Vikings that saw him lead the team to an NFC Championship game appearance in his first year and be convinced to return for his final season in 2010. It was a bumpy road into retirement that saw him resist coming back yet another time, but it wasn’t for lack of opportunities presented to him.

Rams attempt to bring Brett Favre out of retirement

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Favre spent the first couple of years in retirement dealing with the constant questions about questions if he was going to make another comeback. These queries were all reasonable given the rollercoaster ride he had with the decision over the final few years of his Hall of Fame career.

With that in mind, another opportunity to play again was presented to him during the 2013 season as the Rams were in a desperate position with starting quarterback Sam Bradford suffered a season-ending knee injury. The Rams under then-head coach Jeff Fisher reached out to former star quarterback to see if he was interested giving it another go to which he addressed in a radio interview that he had no interest in playing again. (H/T Adam Schefter of ESPN)

“It’s flattering, but you know there’s no way I’m going to do that,” he said.

By that point, Favre had been out of the league for a couple of years and it would have been a difficult task for him to get back into form. He was physically worn down, especially during the latter end of his career where the injuries piled up.

Yes, the arm strength is the last thing to go, but there are many other factors such as how the rest of his body felt and his mental preparedness to go through playing the game again. Meanwhile, the Rams elected to sign Brady Quinn, who had been previously released by the Jets.

What if Brett Favre played for the Rams?

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That would have been nothing short of entertaining as Favre would have required some time to get into shape as being in football shape is an entirely different animal.

Nonetheless, he would be joining a team that was desperate for help at the quarterback position. The other two quarterbacks on the roster were an unproven player in Austin Davis and veteran Kellen Clemens. At that time in the season, the Rams were 3-4 heading into Week 8 action against the Seattle Seahawks.

Favre would have been around a punch of inexperienced youth in the wide receiver core lead by Tavon Austin and Chris Givens, along with a running back by committee. His addition to the mix would have been intriguing, but it could have quickly gone south in a hurry. Favre more than likely made the right decision to stay retired.