Ranking the 8 New XFL Team Logos From Worst to Best

The Dallas Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl since 1995. The Oakland Raiders haven’t won one since 1983. And yet these two franchises are still two of the most popular in American sports. This is in large part due to their rich histories, but also due in part to their iconic logos.

When a brand new league like the XFL is formed, it is interesting to see the brand new logos that its teams unveil. If the league is successful, these teams and logos could one day be rich with their own legacies. So how did the logos turn out? Let’s take a look at all eight, ranked from worst to best.

8. Los Angeles Wildcats

Speaking if rich histories, the Los Angeles Wildcats join a sports scene in Los Angeles that includes the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the USC Trojans.

And this is the best they could come up with? It’s so boring, so uninspired, and what does the color scheme have to do with wildcats? If they wanted to go with a logo like this one with these colors, perhaps a name like the ‘Los Angeles Flames’ with ‘LA’ engulfed in fire would have worked. This doesn’t.

7. Tampa Bay Vipers

You could easily make a case for this logo being even worse than the Wildcats’. At least the lame ‘LA’ gets the city into the logo; this is just a ‘V’ that doesn’t tell us much of anything about the city or the team. On the bright side, at least the colors and the slight resemblance to a snake are representative of a Viper, whereas the orange and red Wildcats make no sense at all. Take your pick between them, but it doesn’t get worse than these two.

6. DC Defenders

Now the logos start trending in the right direction. The shield makes sense as a logo for the Defenders, and the city’s initials are built right into the shield. While less creative than the top five logos in the XFL, it’s a perfectly reasonable logo.

5. St. Louis Battlehawks

All of the points for creativity here. What better way to represent a BattleHawk than with a broadsword flying into battle with hawk wings? It’s the silliest logo in the league, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for a league whose very existence is a bit silly in the first place.

4. New York Guardians

The typeface is cool, especially with the way that ‘New York’ nestles into ‘Guardians’. The logo, which is based on the stone gargoyles around New York City, is cool. The color scheme is cool. What we’re getting at here is that this is a cool logo.

3. Dallas Renegades

Speaking of cool, how cool is this guy? The bandana, the hat, the brooding red eyes. Out of all of the new XFL logos, this feels like the one that would look the best on a hat or t-shirt.

2. Houston Roughnecks

What makes this logo so awesome is that it feels like an updated, modernized version of the old Houston Oilers logo. Slipping in the ‘H’ for Houston and the star to represent the lone star state are really nice touches. And the color scheme matches the Houston Texans, too. While all of the other logos on this list have a distinct expansion-league vibe to them; this feels like the one that could work in any of the professional leagues.

1. Seattle Dragons

This feels like the quintessential XFL logo. It possesses both the silliness of the St. Louis Battlehawks logo and the coolness of the New York Guardians and Dallas Renegades logos. The design doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it doesn’t come off as a joke either. The color scheme and typeface are great. You could make a case for any of the top three logos as the best, but this is our favorite.