Rapper Baseball Cards: Would You Collect Them?

Kanye West mashed up with Connie Mack
Source: Straight Outta Cooperstown

Rap and baseball. Two extremely different pastimes; separate as can be, yet each with the ability to lift up the spirits and bring people together. But just because these forms of entertainment aren’t usually associated with each other, that doesn’t mean when combined, they can’t form something truly special. They most certainly can.

We may not have been the first ones to spot it — we’ll give the credit to For the Win’s Mike Foss — but when we saw it, we knew it was something that had to be shared. In one glorious move, the Tumblr blog Straight Outta Cooperstown, found the perfect way to fuse together the world of rap with the timeless sport of baseball. All it took was mashing up raps icons — including some of the greatest rappers of all-time — and Hall of Fame Major League ball players to make super memorable and sleek baseball cards. Mind. Blown.

The work done by this blog is smart, creative, inventive, and brilliant. The cards themselves are a work of art, but it’s the new names take this project to the next level. Perhaps whoever decided to take on this endeavor was using the famous Field of Dreams moniker — “If you build it, he will come” — as their driving force. Because nowadays, with everyone and everything so interconnected, if you build something this sweet, people will come. They will find. They will enjoy. They will share.

After perusing the entire collection, with so many sensational mashups, we found it hard to draw attention to just a few of them. However when it was all said and done, these were the ones that truly stood out. Take a look at these rapper baseball cards and let us know what you think. Would you collect them?

 Ghostface Killebrew

Ghostface Killah mashed with Harmon Killebrew
Source: Straight Outta Cooperstown
  • Rapper: Ghostface Killah
  • Baseball Great: Harmon Killebrew

The mashup of rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and legendary Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew is so good that, our only disappointment is that we haven’t seen it before. It’s as if their names were born to join together and form the epic “Ghostface Killebrew.” Aside from the fact that Killebrew is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Ghostface spits Hall of Fame-caliber verses, we’re not really sure these two have much in common. As if that’s going to stop us from paying our respect to this sick collectible.

Carl Nastrzemski

Nas mashed up with Carl Yastrzemski
Source: Straight Outta Cooperstown
  • Rapper: Nas
  • Baseball Great: Carl Yastrzemski

With 18 All-Star Game appearances, three batting titles, one MVP award, and a Triple Crown, Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski is easily one of the most decorated players to ever put on a Boston Red Sox uniform. He also has one of the most difficult spelling names in all of pro sports. Fortunately, all one has to do is switch out a “Y” for an “N” and you’ve got yourself the perfect mashup of rapper and baseball player. This is a move that even genius lyricist Nas would be proud of.

Lil’ Wade Boggs

Lil Wayne mashed up with Wade Boggs
Source: Straight Outta Cooperstown
  • Rapper: Lil Wayne
  • Baseball Great: Wade Boggs

If you say the name “Lil’ Wade Boggs” fast enough, don’t be surprised if you slip up and utter “Lil’ Wayne Boggs.” And while that’s obviously the point, it doesn’t make it any less awesome. Wade Boggs is one of baseball’s greatest all-time hitters and notorious for his ability to throw back a cold one (or 107). On the flip side, Weezy lives the life of a megastar, drops sick tunes, and has one of the most recognizable voices in the game. Not to mention, he’s been known to have his own thing for the sauce. We don’t know about you, but if we had this card in our collection, there’s no way we’d let it go.

Lou Brock Shakur

Tupac Shakur mashed up with Lou Brock
Source: Straight Outta Cooperstown
  • Rapper: Tupac Shakur
  • Baseball Great: Lou Brock

Take one of the rap game’s most iconic figures, a guy whose presence was bigger than the genre itself, and mesh his name with one of baseball’s all-time steals kings — led the league eight times and was nicknamed “The Rocket” — and you have a mashup that just flows right off the tongue. For a guy who was as clever and poetic as 2Pac, we have no doubt he could figure out a way to incorporate “Lou Brock Shakur” into a verse. We even bet it’d be gold. That’s just what Pac did.

Joe Torreous B.I.G.

Biggie Smalls mashed up with Joe Torre
Source: Straight Outta Cooperstown
  • Rapper: The Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls)
  • Baseball Great: Joe Torre

He went by many names. Everything from The Notorious B.I.G. to Biggie Smalls to Biggie or even his birth name Christopher Wallace. But any way you slice it, the dude was a genius. Incredible lyrics, sick beats, crazy wordplay. Big had it all. He was an absolute boss. Which makes it only fitting that he gets mashed up with Joe Torre, one of the greatest managers in Major League Baseball history. Two men who ran the show and changed the game. And as fate would have it, loved the pinstripes.

To see the rest of the “Straight Outta Cooperstown” collection, check out the Tumblr page here.