Rasheed Wallace Isn’t Accepting Drew Brees’ Apology

Drew Brees has found himself at the center of much backlash following his comments regarding kneeling during the national anthem. The New Orleans Saints quarterback has received much criticism for his insensitive comments that do not demonstrate any understanding or awareness for what the black community continues to deal with in the United States, especially after the passing of George Floyd. Brees has since apologized numerous times for his remarks, but that is something that former NBA star big man Rasheed Wallace isn’t accepting from him.

Drew Brees’ comments on kneeling

There has been much push back over the last couple of weeks after the disheartening death of George Floyd due to mistreatment by the Minneapolis police.

That has shifted the conversation around the NFL toward players possibly kneeling during the 2020 season. During a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Drew Brees made the firm stance to voice that he’ll never agree with someone that disrespects the flag. He also made it a point to emphasize that he believes standing with your hand over your heart during that national anthem will bring unity and a step toward a solution.

Brees has received much criticism for his remarks that lacked any understanding or acknowledgment of what minorities, especially the black community, deal with daily in regards to social injustice. He has apologized for his initial comments, but not everyone has accepted his remorse.

Rasheed Wallace doesn’t accept Drew Brees’ apology

Drew Brees has taken to social media over the last couple of days to voice his apology for his comments that he believes should a lack of understanding and ignorance.

However, his latest remarks don’t change what former NBA star Rasheed Wallace believes to be the true feelings Brees initially expressed, as he stated during an interview with Moose and Maggie radio show in New York last Friday.

“You have to know that the statement you said afterwards were your PR people. If it was such a bad thing that you said then No.1 why say it then he contradicts himself to me. Why did you take the knee with your teammates last year and the year before if you didnt’ believe in the cause why they were taking the knee. They weren’t taking the knee to disrespect the flag or disrespect the military.

“They were taking a knee to bring light on the injustices that were happening to black people. So you can’t be mad at nobody for that. For him to come out and say this now, ‘Drew now you are saying how you really feel.’ So what was going through your head when you were taking a knee with your fellow Saints members who happen to be black over the last few years. Now we know how you really talk when you are with your friends and family.”

Wallace cut straight to the chase as Brees’ comments do show how he truly feels about the situation, while it’s safe to assume his PR team did play a part in helping form his first apology. It’s hard to believe otherwise that those weren’t Brees’ real feelings, and many people don’t take his numerous apologies as face value.

Drew Brees has to prove it with his actions


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Drew Brees has put himself into a tough position that has seen his reputation and image damaged significantly.

Brees’ apology and response back to President Donald Trump are a step in the right direction, but there is undoubtedly much more than he needs to do to earn any of the respect back that he previously held. His comments displayed an utter lack of understanding or acknowledgment of what the black community continues to deal with in this country.

Brees will have to continue to prove it with his actions more than his apologetic words.