Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Is the Best Quarterback a Team Could Ask For

Since taking over the helm as the starter for the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson has led the team to a tremendous amount of success in his short time in that role. Jackson has helped transform the franchise into a powerhouse in the league that has a bright future ahead of them for the long haul. His presence on the team has been a significant step forward for the Ravens, more than the team imagined him affecting the overall performance of the team. All of that puts him as arguably the most impactful quarterback in the NFL right now.

Lamar Jackson’s breakout 2019 campaign

In the months heading into the 2019 season, the hope around the Ravens was that Jackson could make another leap forward in his development. That has been the case, and more this year as he has not only been the driving force of the offense but the clear-cut frontrunner for the MVP award.

Jackson has been a significant part of Baltimore’s running game that will become the first team to average north of 200 rushing yards per game. Meanwhile, he has put up career highs across the board with a league-best 36 passing touchdowns to just six interceptions and 3,127 passing yards along with 1,206 rushing yards and seven touchdowns.

The 22-year-old has set the single-season rushing record for a quarterback while he’s atop the league for most passing touchdowns. The fact he’s reached those feats in the same season speaks to his phenomenal talent on the field. But it has been much more than Jackson’s record-breaking play as it has dramatically impacted the rest of the team.

Lamar Jackson’s deep impact on the Ravens

Jackson’s performance every week has reinvigorated the Ravens’ offense that has been the highest-scoring unit in the league that seemingly no team has been able to figure out. However, his play has meant much more to the franchise as there is a high level of respect and commitment from his teammates to do whatever they can to play at the same level Jackson puts forth.

Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams pinpointed the impact his teammate has on the team feeds off his energy on both sides of the ball, according to Aaron Kasinitz of Pennlive.com.

“[Jackson] brings so much energy to the team. We just play off of his energy. He makes big plays, we make big plays and that’s just the way the Ravens do it.”

Jackson brings an infectious playing style that his teammates love and further fuels them to pick up their play, respectively. It’s an intangible quality that not many quarterbacks can bring to the table, and he possesses that impact on his team.

The strong commitment from his teammates to have that type of belief in him shows the imprint he has left on them. That is a sizeable underlying reason why the Ravens have secured the best record in the league with a chance to make a run to the Super Bowl in the coming weeks.

Ravens’ prime opportunity ahead

Baltimore sits in a promising position in the playoffs, holding a first-round bye with the top record in the AFC. That gives them the added benefit of having home-field advantage up to the Super Bowl.

Jackson has a chance to further build on his impressive campaign with a deep playoff run that would further cement him as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. The Ravens are an extremely confident bunch behind the inevitable league MVP that many have already pegged as being the favorites to win it all.

Beyond all that, it’s clear that Jackson has helped place an extraordinarily bright future ahead of the franchise.