Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Sets An NFL Record That Michael Vick Never Did

In his second full season in the NFL, Lamar Jackson has emerged as one of the top talents at his position. Jackson’s ability to make plays with his legs has helped provide an element to the table that hasn’t occurred since Michael Vick last played under center. However, the former Heisman award winner has taken that style of play to the next level, that not even the former Pro Bowler accomplished during time in the league.

Lamar Jackson’s breakout 2019 season

The expectations around Jackson heading into Jackson’s second year were promising but tempered, given the expectation that the league would figure out to effectively game plan defensively against him.

However, the 22-year-old has completely shattered and hushed the pundits that criticized his play as he has put forth a remarkable campaign. Beyond the Ravens racing out to one of the best marks in the NFL, Jackson has continued to be an unsolvable puzzle for opposing defenses.

Through the first 11 games played, he has thrown for 2,427 yards on 66.9% completion rate with 24 touchdowns to five interceptions along with 876 rushing yards and six touchdowns. Jackson’s production and efficiency throwing the ball has silenced the doubters that didn’t believe he could be a capable passer in the NFL.

His high level of play has also helped him set numerous NFL records, which he added another one in the blowout 45-6 win over the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night.

Lamar Jackson’s unique NFL record

It has been a season filled with historic feats for Jackson that has further put a spotlight on how spectacular the performance that he continues to put on the field.

His production with both his arms and legs has seemingly been unmatched in the league, which was further driven home after Monday’s lopsided win over the Rams as he became the first player to record at least 3,000 passing yards and 1,500 rushing yards in his first two years.

Jackson has accomplished that feat while still having five more games to play in the regular season. He has been an absolute force running the ball as he’s on pace to completely shatter Vick’s single-season with 1,274 rushing yards. On top of that, he has already put himself inside the top 50 in career rushing yards for a quarterback.

Comparisons to Vick will continue to remain, but he has already blown past many of the marks that four-time Pro Bowler had at that stage of his career. In many regards, there’s a fair argument that he’s already become a more polished passer that could see him niche out his mold as a one of a kind quarterback in NFL history.

The MVP award is Lamar Jackson’s to lose

The further along in the season that it moves, the stronger the case that Jackson continues to make to earn the MVP award.

With each passing week, there doesn’t appear to a defense that has an answer to stop him. Jackson proved that to be the case against the Rams tearing them apart for five touchdown passes on 15 of 20 completed throws for 169 yards while holding a 139.4 passer rating and added 95 rushing yards.

There are a couple of other deserving candidates such as Russell Wilson and Christian McCaffrey, but these players haven’t had the type of impact that Jackson has had this year. Wilson and McCaffrey have been nothing short of remarkable from what they do weekly, but it’s hard to surpass the superb play and storyline that is around the Ravens’ star quarterback.

All of this simply equates to the MVP award being Jackson’s to lose at this point as he will continue to add to his historic 2019 campaign.