Redskins Legend Refuses to Accept Former Team’s Name Change

It has been a long time coming for the NFL team located in Washington, but the franchise has agreed to retire the name Redskins. That has resulted in many reactions toward the move that team owner Dan Snyder was pressured into by several franchise business partners. The move hasn’t been met entirely with open arms as one team legend isn’t exactly accepting the change.

Washington finally retires team name

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There has been a significant push to see the Washington football team change their name in the last several days.

That led to several of their significant financial partners draw a line with their stance toward creating change. That has seen FedEx, who holds the naming rights to the franchise’s stadium under a $205 million deal that extends through 2025, sent a request for the team to change their name. It has also seen sponsors, such as Nike, Amazon, and Pepsi, pressuring the organization to make that move.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has also chimed into the situation with him supporting a name change, which gave way to the team announcing on Monday that they have retired the name. It’s a move that hasn’t received unanimous support across the board from former players that donned the uniform.

Jeff Bostic refuses to accept Redskins name change

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The name change has been a long time coming for the franchise that has donned a racial slur as their team name.

It’s a move that many have already applauded the decision to move that route finally. However, not everyone accepts the change as former longtime center Jeff Bostic, who was part of their three Super Bowl-winning teams, has voiced to John Keim of ESPN that he will always see the franchise under their former name.

“I’ll always call them the Washington Redskins, I’m sorry,” said former center Jeff Bostic, one of the fabled Hogs who played with Washington from 1980 through 1993.

“I’ve got great memories, great game scenarios that played out. There are parts of that I’ll never forget the rest of my life. It was an honor for us to put the helmet on that had the Redskins emblem on the sides. This is a political and financial decision. This isn’t what most people want. I’m sure if you’re taking polls in the D.C. area, how many want to keep or change it, I guarantee you the overwhelming number is probably to keep it.”

Bostic’s ties to the franchise are through that previous name that helped play an essential part in their Super Bowl wins. It’s a moniker that he wore on his jersey throughout his entire NFL career that was spent with the franchise. He holds a great deal of admiration and respect for what that name and logo represent to him.

His stance is strong and has his obvious ties to that name, but it’s a necessary change that is needed to remove that word with racial links to it. The franchise’s history won’t ever change, and not one name should alter Bostic’s feelings toward the team.

Washington headed toward necessary change

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It’s hard to applaud a necessary change since it was first placed on the franchise back in 1933.

Nonetheless, Washington is moving forward in the right direction by removing a word with a significant amount of racial connotations. The team has a golden opportunity to choose a name that better represents a progressive move forward for the next chapter.

It’s a chance for team owner Dan Snyder to correct a mistake that has further put him in a bad light. His reluctance to this change had only fueled his negative reputation that was fueled through various actions over the years. If anything, the Snyder and his team are moving toward a path that could have many positives come forth.