Remember When LeBron James Completely Embarrassed Former NBA Player Jason Terry?

LeBron James has made many spectacular plays throughout his NBA career. From hitting game-winning shots to dunking on different people, there’s no question James can have a lengthy highlight reel based off those two instances.

With the evolution of the Internet, you can relive different moments throughout history as if they happened yesterday.

One of those players who was unfortunately on the unlucky side of James’ highlight was Jason Terry. On this date, seven years ago, James sent the online world into a frenzy.

How did it happen?

On March 18, 2013, the Miami Heat made the trip up north to take on the Boston Celtics. The Heat were coming off an NBA championship and was favored to win again that season.

It was the second quarter, and the Celtics had a 45-38 lead at the time. Terry stole a pass from Norris Cole, and then Dwyane Wade quickly took the ball from Terry. At that moment it was a three on one and Terry was on an island all by himself.

Wade through the ball to Mario Chalmers, who then passed it to Cole, and Cole lobbed it up to James and boom. James threw it down right over Terry, and Terry quickly fell to the ground. Laying there for about five seconds was Terry, and James just stared him down. Everyone on the Heat bench jumped up in amazement as they could not believe what they just witnessed.

That may have been the best dunk of the season, and what made it even better was it happened at The Garden. Who else would be the right person than James? A technical foul was issued to James for taunting, but he did not care as he showed no emotion after the dunk. The game could have ended just off that dunk right there.

The Heat would go on to win 105-103 for their 23rd consecutive win. James finished with 37 points and 12 assists. But that dunk was the real story of that game.

What was Jason Terry thinking?

On ESPN The Jump, Terry was on the show, and there was a segment called “What were you thinking?” The video of James dunking on Terry played, and he could only shake his head. Terry went on to say when kids would see him out somewhere, and they would ask why did James dunk on him like that? All he could do was laugh at that point.

Terry did have some memorable moments in his career, like the three-point shot he hit over James in the 2011 NBA Finals as a member of the Dallas Mavericks. But James would get the final say two years later with that dunk.

LeBron James best dunk?

James has had a lot of posters in his career, and this one will undoubtedly contend for one of his best dunks ever. That whole moment was perfect for James because as the play was happening, he already had a running start to the rim as if he knew he was going to get a dunk in.

His teammate Norris Cole did not disappoint him with the pass, and James put the nail in the coffin.