Richard Sherman Is Convinced Colin Kaepernick Deserves Shot at NFL Comeback

Over the last couple of weeks, the conversation around Colin Kaepernick’s NFL future has become a prominent topic around the league. There has been a stronger push for social change following the tragic passing of George Floyd due to mistreatment by the police. That has seen many players in the NFL become vocal, leading the league to come out in support of that cause. Meanwhile, there has been a growing push toward getting the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback another chance to play. Among those supporters is star cornerback Richard Sherman.

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL future

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Since Colin Kaepernick elected to opt-out of his deal with the 49ers in the 2017 off-season, he has remained afloat in the free-agent market.

There hasn’t been much of a serious push to get Kaepernick on a roster as the opportunities have been few over nearly the last four years. Another sudden drive to see him get another shot is the recent social injustices that have caused many more African-American men and women to lose their lives due to mistreatment by law enforcement.

Many NFL players have become vocal in their push to see the league take action to help the cause of massive social change. Beyond the NFL committing more than $250 million to the effort, commissioner Roger Goodell encouraged teams to sign Kaepernick. There have also been several notable players that have come in support of him.

Richard Sherman supports Colin Kaepernick getting an NFL shot

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The last several days has seen several of Colin Kaepernick’s colleagues voice that he should receive another chance to play in the NFL.

Among those is 49ers star cornerback Richard Sherman, who has continued to be quite vocal in the backing of Kaepernick over the last few years. Sherman once again aired similar sentiment as he voiced to NBC Sports Bay Area that he believes the 32-year-old has more than shown that he can play in the NFL.

“I can want him to have a job, and I can think he deserves a job as much as anybody and everybody’s said it who said anything, because he’s a good player and he showed he can play in this league,” Sherman said. “He can play at the highest level, so he deserves a job.

That stance is universally shared regardless of the point of view involving kneeling during the national anthem. Kaepernick had proven that he is a capable starting quarterback, which further underlines the league’s unwillingness to allow him back due to the perceived distraction that he would bring.

With a growing list of players such as Sherman, Carlos Hyde, and Malcolm Jenkins, all voicing that Kaepernick should get another chance that situation could to fruition.

Will Colin Kaepernick get another NFL opportunity?

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Throughout the entire process, there has never been a question about whether Colin Kaepernick can play in the NFL. It’s centered around him getting another chance to prove his skills on the football field.

There is now a more significant push than ever before that could see Kaepernick finally get that chance to play in the league once again. It has seen much more vocal support from players, while Goodell’s statement stating that he should get an opportunity to sign with a team may help finally get him back on an NFL roster.

Kaepernick has never wavered in his desire to continue playing football; it’s just a matter of him getting that opportunity to do so. The ball is in the NFL’s court to get it done.