Richard Sherman Was Called Out by an Legendary Cornerback

Richard Sherman has been one of the greatest defensive players in the NFL over the last decade, boasting impressive stats in his first nine seasons. If the 49ers beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV this Sunday, the cornerback will get his second Super Bowl ring.

Retired cornerback Darrelle Revis isn’t impressed by Sherman’s play, however. The two defensive stars got into a Twitter beef after the 49ers’ blowout of the Packers in the NFC Championship. Sherman had a few tackles and an interception in the game, but this didn’t stop Revis from calling him out.

A Twitter war between Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis

According to Fox Sports, Revis tweeted that Sherman has a “fear of getting beat in man to man coverage,” saying it’s “lame” that Sherman “doesn’t travel as a cornerback.” He continued, saying Sherman should accept “the challenge as the best” and shut down the opponent’s best receiver.

Revis ended the tweet by telling the 49er to “do it for the game of football. Stop hiding a cover 3 zone.” Revis defended himself in a later tweet, saying he wasn’t “throwing shade” at Sherman, who didn’t let it go easily.

Sherman tweeted a response, saying he “would go in on this has been but I have a Super Bowl to prepare for. Enjoy the view from the couch. Your ninth year looked a lot different than this. Lmao.” He felt slighted by Revis’ “pound for pound” comment and tweeted a picture of Revis getting beat by a receiver.

Revis and Sherman’s NFL careers

Sherman and Revis are both corners who excelled at the position, but they have different play styles. Sherman is a big cornerback whose physicality lets him thrive in a simple defensive scheme.

Revis, on the other hand, was an ideal fit for a defense built around man coverage. He shadowed each team’s best pass-catcher; Sherman takes control of one side of the field and basically forces the opposing quarterback to throw to the other side.

Sherman is a five-time Pro Bowler with 35 career interceptions, three that he took into the endzone for touchdowns. He has 466 tackles, 358 of them solos. In his 11 seasons, Revis was named to seven Pro Bowls as he recorded 29 interceptions, including three pick-sixes. He had 12 recovered fumbles and 496 tackles — 411 were solo tackles.

Sherman faces a tough challenge in Super Bowl LIV

It won’t be easy facing the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. They had one of the best offenses this season, scoring the fifth-most points in the league. Star QB Patrick Mahomes has a number of strong weapons he can target.

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce are both near the top of the NFL at their positions. Kelce caught 97 balls this season for 1,229 yards and five touchdowns. Hill only played in 12 games; he was limited to 58 receptions and 860 yards, but he scored seven touchdowns in his shortened season. He’s capable of making a big play at any time, making a lethal combination with Mahomes.

Hill and Kelce are perhaps the best 1-2 combination in any team’s receiving corps. Both can make circus-style catches; both are big-play threats waiting to happen. Defense will be key to the 49ers winning Super Bowl LIV. And Sherman will have to be a big part of shutting down the passing game.

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