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NBA players are under strict rules inside the NBA bubble in Orlando, Fla. Once you’re inside, there’s no getting out. Not to see your family, not to hit the beach with teammates, and apparently not even to pick up your food delivery. Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes learned the latter the hard way. After getting caught leaving the bubble to pick up his dinner, Holmes was ordered to 10 days in self-quarantine.

Many players have complained about the food offered in the NBA bubble

The NBA bubble in Orlando is meant to keep all players, coaches, and staff members isolated from the rest of the world. If everyone inside the bubble tests negative for COVID-19 and there’s no contact with the rest of society, the virus shouldn’t be able to reach the NBA.

The plan makes practical sense on the surface, but players will have to make sacrifices to ensure the NBA season can resume. One of those sacrifices is the extravagant meals that some players eat on a regular basis.

In the NBA bubble, players are served daily meals as if they’re students in a school cafeteria. Whatever is available that day is what you get. No five-star restaurants, no Chick-Fil-A, and evidently no delivery.

Many players have already complained about the food offerings in the bubble. Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets posted pictures online that sent the Internet into a frenzy, and anonymous players are calling the meals “trash.”

Richaun Holmes got fed up with the NBA bubble food and ordered his own

Most players are powering through and eating whatever the NBA provides them to eat. Others, however, are already fed up with the offerings.

It took Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes just a few days to take matters into his own hands. A few nights ago, Holmes ordered Postmates to his hotel room in the NBA bubble. In retrieving his dinner, Holmes passed the campus line and violated NBA rules in the process.

Holmes’ teammate, Kelly Oubre, recently tweeted about using Postmates to get past NBA security. Oubre said Saturday night that NBA players can order food to their hotel and retrieve it from security. Apparently, he was wrong.

Holmes was ordered to 10 days in quarantine for leaving the bubble


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Richaun Holmes thought he was just going to enjoy a delicious dinner to escape from the basic meals in the NBA bubble. It turned out he had to pay much more than just the price of his food.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported Monday that Holmes was ordered to 10 days in quarantine for crossing the campus border. He’s already served two days in self-isolation, so he only has a little over a week left.

The Kings and Holmes thought they cracked the code to get delivery food into the bubble, but Holmes learned the hard way that won’t be an option moving forward.