4 Ridiculous Stats That Show how Much the Yankees Dominated the Orioles in 2019

To say that the New York Yankees had the Baltimore Orioles’ number in the 2019 season would be an enormous understatement. While the Orioles have struggled to maintain relevance these past few seasons, the Yankees may have made them wish they were more obscure. Over 19 games, the Yankees dismantled the Orioles, sent the ball flying, and rarely left the game in doubt during their first contending season in nearly a decade. 

17-2 record

To say that Gary Sanchez and the Yankees dominated the Baltimore Orioles in AL East play in 2019 is an understatement.
Gary Sanchez and the Yankees thoroughly dominated the Orioles in 2019. | Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In 19 games this season, the Yankees won 17 of them, including 16 straight to conclude the season series. However, beyond simply bringing up the historic shellacking that they gave the Orioles, there’s this: It was only the eighth time that a team gave another team that many losses in one season. Those 17 wins, however, had some other absolutely ludicrous statistics that seemingly made every loss worse than the last one. 

Adding insult to injury, the Orioles won two out of the first three games against the men in pinstripes. The 16 consecutive wins for the Yankees were also the third-most in their storied history.

151 runs

The Yankees scored 151 runs during the 19 games, averaging out to 7.9 runs per contest. It was the second-most runs against one opponent in the franchise’s history, with the other coming against the Orioles two years ago when they scored 154 runs that season. In a fitting trend during a historic home run season across Major League Baseball, the Yankees numbers were downright absurd, as well. 

Summoning the spirit of Roger Maris, the Yankees launched 61 homers in those 19 games. The bulk of those came during an early-August series when the Orioles allowed 16 home runs, as well as an April 7 game when they allowed seven dingers. The 61 homers are also the most that a team has ever hit against another team. 

The Yankees were especially cruel to David Hess, who started three games against the team and gave up 13 home runs. That didn’t help him as he races toward an out-of-this-world 7.44 ERA.

10-0 in Baltimore

The Yankees did better on the Orioles’ turf than they did on their own, winning all ten of their games in Baltimore during the season. At Camden, the Yankees scored 95  of their overall runs and 43 of their home runs. As a team, the Yankees hit .320/.398/.725 as they sent their opponents into the realm of embarrassment. 

At Yankee Stadium, the Orioles pitchers left the mound with a combined 6.55 ERA and the Yankees hit .288/.381./.532 and 18 homers. 

.303/.386/.632…. as a team

The Yankees put up hitting numbers that would make them superstars if they had done so individually, hitting .303/.386/.632. Specifically, Geyber Torres was the most devastating member of their team. Torres hit .394/.467/1.045 with 13 home runs, 20 RBIs, 22 runs scored, four doubles, and nine walks in the series. The 13 home runs are an MLB record against a team during the divisional era. Five of Torres’s games had multiple home runs, as well.

Torres wasn’t the only one who to torture the Orioles. Gary Sanchez had a field day as well, giving them 10 home runs in 14 games. That makes them the first pair of teammates to have double-digit home runs against one team in one season.

Going forward

Even if the Orioles lose triple-digit games, the Yankees were so dominant that they will have accounted for almost one in five of their overall losses. With a similar season happening two years earlier, it is apparent that the Yankees are in the Orioles’ head, and if the two teams keep up, it may only get worse in years to come.