Rob Gronkowski and Floyd Mayweather Face a Surprising $5 Million Lawsuit

Over the years, Rob Gronkowski and Floyd Mayweather have been among the most marketable professional athletes. The two have earned numerous endorsement deals due to their enormous popularity and public image. However, Gronkowski and Mayweather are now involved in a multi-million lawsuit due to one of their endorsers’ potential misgivings.

Rob Gronkowski, Floyd Mayweather pocket many endorsement deals

Throughout much of his career, Rob Gronkowski has made several endorsement partnerships away from the field.

Gronkowski has famously voiced that he doesn’t touch any of his NFL contract money and lives off his income from endorsement deals. He has worked with the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts, Tide, JetBlue, and Monster Energy. The list of endorsement deals will only grower larger with time.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather has built up his popularity over the years behind his TMT (The Money Team) and TBE (The Best Ever) brand along with various endorsement deals. Much was made about Mayweather’s trunks for his fight against Connor McGregor in 2017 that earned him nearly $20 million in endorsement money alone.

Wherever there is an opportunity to make money, the legendary boxer has moved his way toward it. With all that in mind, Gronkowski and Mayweather find themselves amid a multi-million dollar lawsuit against one of the companies they endorse.

Rob Gronkowski, Floyd Mayweather named in $5 million lawsuit

Rob Gronkowski and Floyd Mayweather now find themselves in the middle of some legal issues involving one of his sponsors.

The New York Post reports that a $5 million class-action lawsuit has been filed by Long Island man Burton Kraus against Snow Teeth Whitening along with Gronkowski and Mayweather.

The lawsuit claims the prices are for their products are “unjustifiably” higher than many other comparable items from other companies. It also stated Snow Teeth Whitening makes “false claims that the lights they sell to consumers will dramatically improve the whitening power and antiviral or antiseptic qualities.”

In other words, the lawsuit states that the company is overselling the notion that their product can significantly whiten a person’s teeth. There is also a civil complaint that contends the company saying in an advertisement that a “red-light option kills viruses and bacteria in the mouth.” The issue stems from the product possibly protecting against COVID-19.

There isn’t clarity as to why Gronkowski or Mayweather are attached to the lawsuit outside of their endorsement. It states that the two received compensation for promoting the product through their social media accounts.

Mayweather had his name on the “Floyd Mayweather’s Snow Teeth Whitening At-Home System” priced at $199. The lawsuit says he received payment to promote the product and nothing more.

What will likely unfold ahead


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From the looks of the entire lawsuit, the inclusion of Rob Gronkowski and Floyd Mayweather stems only through their endorsements.

The case isn’t against them due to solely serving as Snow Teeth Whitening sponsors through endorsement deals. If either Gronkowski and Mayweather knew the product didn’t work, then the circumstances would be quite different.

It’s hard to imagine that either had any inkling of the product not working properly.. However, suppose the company did not fully and completely absolve Gronkowski or Mayweather of all possible liability, the two could take them to court through a “cross claim.”

The legal process would force the company to take full responsibility for the entire matter. What will likely happen is that things will play out in court with two athletes avoiding any lingering involvement.