Rob Gronkowski Can Make Super Bowl History With 1 Catch

Offenses will take center stage in Super Bowl 55. The Kansas City Chiefs’ high-flying offense will try to outduel the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their “no risk it, no biscuit” offense. Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are getting all the attention, and rightfully so. However, the skill players should get some love also. Rob Gronkowski seems to always show up in the big game.

Gronkowski could end up being a key part of the Bucs’ gameplan come Super Bowl Sunday. He’s been a reliable target for Brady all season, which isn’t anything new given their dominance in New England together. Gronkowski has the chance to make NFL history in the Super Bowl by catching one pass.

Rob Gronkowski makes the Super Bowl his first year out of retirement

It has been quite a year for Rob Gronkowski. He was in retirement at this time last year with no signal that he was thinking about playing football again. However, when his good friend Tom Brady left the New England Patriots for the Bucs, he convinced Gronk to come out of retirement to join him. In a matter of weeks, Gronk was traded to the Bucs and was back playing NFL football again.

Gronkowski played reasonably well his first year in Tampa. The tight end caught 45 passes, tied for the third-most on the team. His 623 yards receiving were the third-most on the Bucs. He scored seven touchdowns, tied for the second-most on the team this season. What makes Gronkowski such an asset at tight end is not his receiving skills but his blocking skills. The Bucs utilized his blocking ability all season in the running game.

Being a year removed from retirement, the 2020 season went pretty well for Gronkowski. Although it took some time for him to get his conditioning right, Gronk played a vital role in the Bucs offense as a receiver and a blocker. What is more impressive about his season is that he played in all 16 games. That is a difficult task for any player, especially one who is fresh off retirement.

The decision to come back to the NFL is paying off for Rob Gronkowski, as he is in another Super Bowl. He’s also enjoying the journey with his buddy Tom Brady, who is looking for his seventh Super Bowl ring. If Brady can get Gronk the ball just once, he would be the first player in league history to achieve this feat.

Rob Gronkowski can make Super Bowl history with 1 catch

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Gronk will be playing in his fifth Super Bowl, which is surprising until memories of his days dominating with the Patriots come to mind. He’s played well in Super Bowls, having 17 receptions for 203 yards and two touchdowns in his last two Super Bowl appearances. He already holds the record for most receptions by a tight end in Super Bowl history with 23. He could make more history in Super Bowl 55.

If Rob Gronkowski makes just one catch on Sunday, he will be the first player in NFL history to have a catch in five different Super Bowls, according to ESPN. He’s only had two catches so far this postseason, as he hasn’t been involved in the Bucs passing game. Gronk or somebody on the Bucs staff has to know history is at stake for him, so he should be able to get that reception. 

Achieving this historic milestone will further cement Gronkowski’s legacy as one of the best tight ends to ever play. Since entering the league, he’s been a dominant force and has had the luxury of having Tom Brady as his quarterback every year. Brady could actually be looking to Gronk as an x-factor in this year’s Super Bowl.

Gronk could be an x-factor in Super Bowl 55

It’s no secret that both offenses are productive units, especially in the postseason. It would be wise for the Buccaneers to get Gronkowski more involved in their gameplan, at least for this game. Gronk’s size could pose a problem for Kansas City defenders, who are on the shorter side. If used correctly, he could end up having a huge day against the Chiefs.

When the Chiefs and Bucs faced each other in Week 12, Gronk brought in six passes for 107 yards per ESPN. The Chiefs struggled to contain him due to his size. It didn’t result in a win, but Brady has to have the film from that game on how the Chiefs covered Gronkowski. He could face some favorable matchups in single coverage because of Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, and Chris Godwin on the outside.

Brady and the Bucs should look to abuse the one on one matchups Gronk has if they arise. None of the Chiefs defenders have the height or skill to cover the 6’6”, 265 lbs frame called Gronkowski. He’ll be especially useful in the red zone where Brady can throw the ball up for him to get it. Gronk could also be useful in blitz busting situations.

The legend of Gronk continues to grow as he enters his fifth Super Bowl. His usage in this game could end up being the difference against the Chiefs. Gronk always shows up for the big game and could make history in the Super Bowl if Tom Brady can get one pass in his hands.