Robert Horry Once Fought a Coach at His Son’s Game

Former forward Robert Horry put forth a highly successful NBA career that saw him earn seven NBA titles over his time in the league. Horry played for multiple all-time teams spanning over the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs. He has been held in high regard for his ability to a valuable role player that had a strong niche for coming up big in crucial moments in the playoffs.

All of that earned him the moniker “Big Shot Rob” that helped further engrain his legacy as a clutch player. Beyond his success on the court, there was an incident at one of his son’s games a few years ago in retirement that caught many by surprise.

Robert Horry’s career after NBA retirement

During his NBA career, Horry played a vital part on several different teams that helped him find much success over his 16 seasons.

He played various roles for each of his teams but proving to be a crucial piece when it came to the playoffs. Following stepping away from the game after the 2007-08 season, Horry has found his way into the sports media career being an NBA analyst. He currently works as an in-studio analyst for Spectrum SportsNet as part of the coverage of the Lakers before and falling each game.

Horry engrained himself as a fan favorite even into his career as analysts as one of the main contributors to the network’s show over the last couple of years. However, early on into that role, there was an incident at his son’s game that created a stir.

Robert Horry’s incident at his son’s game

In the years following his retirement, Horry made headlines for his involvement in a surreal incident at his son’s basketball game back in August 2017.

A video surfaced of the seven-time NBA champion getting into a confrontation with an opposing coach at the Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament at L.A. Live. Horry had been heckled and shoved before he threw multiple punches at the man.

Shortly after the initial report, a photo emerged of the opposing coach showing a cut on his neck from the incident. He also released a seven-page statement with his side of the story that voiced that Horry assaulted him while stating that he was “standoff-ish” and was “verbally abusive” to everyone involved, including his son’s teammates.

The opposing coach also stated that he was defending himself as Horry was being intrusive with the situation and began the conflict after he stood in the way from subbing one of his players into the game. The coach stated that Horry had initially pushed him as he walked his way back to his coaching position, and his shove back was to defend himself.

All of this drew a police investigation into the matter, but no charges were ever made against the former NBA forward.

Robert Horry’s take on the situation

The entire matter created a bit of a media stir around Horry for about a couple of weeks.

Although Horry wasn’t charged for assault in the matter, he commented on the situation by stating that he was protecting himself after being shoved by the coach.

“The guy was trash talking the whole game. He shoved me. Where I’m from, you protect yourself.”

R.H. — a 7x NBA champion — says he ultimately decided to walk away rather than continue to fight, knowing he was “the only one who was gonna lose in this situation.”

It was an ugly situation that got out of hand quickly, which could have wound up being more disastrous. Ultimately, Horry avoided any legal issues, but it’s undoubtedly an incident that much can be learned.