Robert Kraft Just Got the Best News About His Embarrassing Scandal

The last year has seen New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft entangled in an extensive court case. Kraft is involved in massage parlor alleged involvement in a sex trafficking operation. The bulk of the case focuses on recorded video that the prosecution is hoping to use against those charge. With that in mind, the court system has made a significant ruling that benefits Kraft and the others charged.

Robert Kraft’s court case

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It has been a rough year away from the NFL for Patriots owner Robert Kraft due to his connection to an ongoing court case.

The 79-year-old, along with a few others, presented charges in February 2019 concerning an investigation of a massage parlor alleged involvement in a sex trafficking operation in Jupiter, Fla. Kraft had two separate counts of soliciting prostitution charged against him.

It’s claimed that Kraft was captured on surveillance video paying for “sexual services” at Orchirds of Asia Day Spa. He had visited the spa twice during the investigation, which he has pleaded not guilty but did release a public apology. The case has continued to move along over the last year with many developments along the way.

The bulk of the focus is on the video recording associated with the case. The court has decided on what will happen with that material.

Court elects to not to allow recorded palor video

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The ongoing case has become centered on the potential use of alleged footage showing Robert Kraft committing the actions charged against him.

The prosecution has continued to push hard to get the footage as evidence against Kraft, but their argument took a massive blow on Wednesday. A Florida appeals court ruled that the police had violated Kraft and others’ rights when they secretly video-recorded the accused paying for massage parlor sex acts, according to ESPN.

“The type of law enforcement surveillance utilized in these cases is extreme. While there will be situations which may warrant the use of the techniques at issue, the strict Fourth Amendment safeguards developed over the past few decades must be observed,” the judges ruled.

“To permit otherwise would yield unbridled discretion to agents of law enforcement and the government, the antithesis of the constitutional liberty of people to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures,” the court added.

The State 4th District Court of Appeal made their ruling behind the fourth amendment to the Constitution that protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. It’s a significant blow for the prosecution as the video could have been damning evidence against Kraft and others.

That is the crux of their argument behind visual proof showing Patriots owner and the others involved in the case did commit those acts. The prosecution will likely appeal the ruling to the state Supreme court, but if that stands, it will lead to the charges dropped entirely due to the lack of evidence.

Light at the end of the tunnel

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It has been an embarrassing situation all the way around for Robert Kraft, who has had his public image damaged from the matter.

Although the case will likely rule in his favor, it doesn’t push away that the actions were probably committed. It merely came down to the video banned for usage in the case due to breaking the law. Nonetheless, Kraft may finally move on from the entire situation and focus on guiding his franchise forward.

It’s an entirely new era for the franchise with future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady deciding to depart this offseason. There is plenty for Kraft to focus on with the direction his team is moving forward.