Roger Goodell is Threatening Losing the 2020 NFL Season With His Financial Plan

Throughout the last few months, Roger Goodell remains hopeful that the 2020 season started without a hitch. The concerns due to the coronavirus have cut into the situation as there are still several hurdles for Goodell and the NFL, like many other sports leagues, to get past first before things can move forward on a stable road. However, there appears to be another significant roadblock that may derail the 2020 season from going as planned.

NFL hoping to stay on track with 2020 Season

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The NFL remains hopeful to start the 2020 season as planned, but there has been plenty of public silence from Roger Goodell.

They have vocally supported their players through the social issues, but there hasn’t been great clarity outside of that. The league has followed health safety protocols, but there remains much up in the air about the financial ramifications that will come due to the coronavirus.

With that in mind, the NFL may have a substantial pending issue at hand that could see the 2020 season put into jeopardy.

Roger Goodell may lose the 2020 season due to player salary cutbacks

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The concerns around the coronavirus have continued to crop up, especially with the recent uptick in cases around the United States.That combined with several notable players, such as Ezekiel Elliott and Von Miller have raised flags.

However, there is another factor that could wind up being the most costly as the expected drop revenue is going to lead to reduced salaries. With that in mind, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the NFL is proposing that there could be a drop in pay for the players that could go up to 35% that may lead to a long dragged out negotiation process.

An NFL source was breaking down the league’s proposal to draw back player salaries as much as 35 percent to help manage revenue losses in 2020. Framing it as an ask that was just the tip of the iceberg, the source said it foreshadowed a coming fight that will put the NFL and players’ union into deeply dug trenches and possibly endanger the start of the season in September.

That is on top of the players have their doubts with the entire process because of the prominence of the virus. The expected drop in pay could lead to some heated talks between the players union and the league. That could be a process that draws out, which is the league doesn’t have a lot of time with the start of the regular season being less than two months away.

If this situation lags on for a few weeks, it could bite further into the preparation for the regular season. The NFL has already taken out two weeks of the preseason, which any complication with these talks could at the very least put the start of the regular season in jeopardy.

2020 season is in Roger Goodell’s hands

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If the past holds any indication of where things could head, the NFL will have to show a willingness to bend a bit to make things work.

Both sides have the clear recognition that if the 2020 season proceeds as expected, there will be financial losses. There will more than likely be no fans in attendance to games due to concerns over the coronavirus. The more significant thing in this entire situation is getting the players comfortable enough to move forward with the 2020 season, as many are justifiably concerned about the virus.

Meanwhile, the NFL has to go into negotiations with the mindset that the players are the ones putting themselves in harm’s way with the various. The league should move in a manner in helping lessen the blow as much as possible for the potential financial blow that the players could face. The NBA took that approach to their situation and avoided the players getting any notable economic dip in pay.

There will be a financial hit that the league will hit and that both parties have to understand that it will impact them in varying degrees. Roger Goodell has maintained his confidence in getting the 2020 season going as planned, but it will fall on his shoulders to navigates things with the players’ best interest in mind.