Russell Wilson Refusing to Play 2020 Season If NFL Doesn’t Do This

The 2020 NFL season is quickly approaching, which has brought forth more concerns over the coronavirus. The league has yet to put forth a clear, coherent plan for how they will approach going about handling the campaign. That has led to many players airing out their concerns on social media, with Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson making his intentions clear with where he stands.

NFL hoping to play 2020 season

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Throughout the last several months, the NFL has been the one sports league that has remained confident with their hope that they can play the 2020 regular season as played.

When the coronavirus initially hit the United States earlier this year, the NFL centered their optimism off the notion that there was plenty of time for the entire situation to sort itself out in a more transparent fashion. However, it’s a concerning matter that has continued to a pressing issue as the virus’s expected second wave has hit harder than anticipated.

That has created much doubt from NFL players as the 2020 season inches closer with training camps across the league beginning to start up this coming week. The league sent a memo to all the franchise on Saturday that rookies will report on July 21, quarterbacks and injured players on July 23, and all other players will come on July 28.

It has led to many players to air their concerns with Russell Wilson being among the group to make their voices heard.

Russell Wilson lays out what will force him to sit out 2020 season

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With the NFL pointing out there that training camps will begin in the coming days, it has led players to voice their concerns over the lack of a coherent safety plan in place ahead of the 2020 season.

Among them is Russell Wilson, as he took to Twitter on Sunday morning to voice that he has uneasiness with the entire situation.

“I am concerned. My wife is pregnant. NFL training camp is about to start. And there’s still No Clear Plan on Player Health & Family Safety. We want to play football but we also want to protect our loved ones.”

Wilson is in a standing with his family that many other players may be in with their significant pregnant. That alone should raise a red flag as it’s an issue that hits home as any potential contraction of the virus could impact the significant other and the future child. Many things are remain unknown about the illness that makes the need for a set health protocol from the NFL that much more important.

It should ring louder with one of the league’s star players voicing their concerns as other prominent names such as Drew Brees, Stefon Diggs, Tyrann Mathieu, JJ Watt, and Jared Goff have all expressed a similar sentiment. There is no comfort or confidence in playing the 2020 season if there are no structured safety measures.

NFL knows what must be done

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It’s a situation reaching a tipping point for players as there is no clear sense of direction.

The 2020 season is quickly approaching, with it being less than two months away. The players need the comfort of knowing what they are stepping into and what the league plans to do to keep them as safe as possible. There is an inherent risk of playing sports, and there must be a plan of action that the NFL has to minimize the dangers so that participating in the 2020 season can reasonably take place in the proper setting.

Ultimately, it’s on the NFL to get the job done to have the necessary safety precautions to keep the season on track.