Russell Westbrook Thinks James Harden Spends at Least $500,000 on Clothes

Houston Rockets teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden have a lot in common. Both superstars came of age playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both guards have the ability to put up huge scoring numbers. And both have impeccable senses of style when not on the court.

Westbrook, in particular, is often associated with the world of haute couture fashion. He even has his own clothing line, with new collections released periodically, as Forbes details. Yet Westbrook makes it seem like his friend Harden spends far more on clothes each year. Let’s break down the two players’ fashion habits and their financial situations.

How much Russell Westbrook and James Harden spends on clothes

Harden and Westbrook recently did a joint interview with GQ. At one point in the piece, the interviewer asks Westbrook how much he thinks Harden spends on clothes each year. Westbrook’s answer was confident and succinct: “$500K. Half a mil. Minimum.” It’s worth noting that Harden didn’t bother contradicting his friend on that point.

Instead, he responded by taking his own guess at Westbrook’s spending habits: “I bet Russ spends $300K to $350K. Westbrook also apparently found that estimate close enough not to bother with a rebuttal. Perhaps the difference in those two fashion budgets can be accounted for by the fact that Westbrook likely wears a lot of clothes from his own fashion line.

In any case, both men’s spending habits are astronomical compared to most regular people, who wouldn’t know how to spend that kind of money on clothes even if they had it. Fortunately, the outfits featured in the article included price tags to give some idea of how all that money trickles away.

For instance, in one photo Westbrook wears a $4,240 OAMC shirt and a $1,280 pair of Rick Owens pants. Harden meanwhile wears a $3,180 Rick Owens jacket and a $985 pair of Off-White pants. The most expensive item pictured was a $6,900 Burberry coat worn by Harden in another photo. Westbrook wasn’t far off with his own $5,995 Ralph Lauren coat.

How Westbrook spends his money

Both men have plenty of money to spend, thanks to their mammoth NBA contracts. Westbrook’s current deal is particularly enormous. He currently finds himself in the second year of a five-year contract worth nearly $207 million dollars, according to Spotrac.

That’s an average salary of $41.4 million dollars. Over the course of his 12 year NBA career, he has already made a total of $205 million. In addition, Westbrook has a number of equally lucrative sponsorships.

He has long been associated with Nike’s Jordan brand. In 2017, he signed a 10-year mega-extension with Nike. That contract was “the most lucrative total endorsement deal for a Jordan athlete to date,” reports the Norman Transcript. Westbrook currently has an estimated net worth of $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How Harden spends his money


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Coming into the 2019-20 season, Westbrook was in a tie with Thunder point guard Chris Paul for the second-largest contract in the league. Harden wasn’t too far behind, tied for fourth place on that list with injured Washington Wizards guard John Wall.

Harden is currently in the first year of a four-year contract that will see him make a total of $171 million, reports Spotrac. Over the course of his eleven seasons in the NBA, Harden has already taken home around $185.5 million—not too far off from Westbrook’s total.

Harden also has lucrative sponsorships with companies such as Adidas, BodyArmor, and State Farm. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harden has a net worth of $165 million, giving him a slight edge over his buddy Westbrook. At any rate, both men have more than enough money to spend whatever they want on clothes.