Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks Could Be Headed Toward an Ugly Divorce

The quarterback drama continues to intensify this NFL offseason. The next location of potential quarterback problems is in Washington with the Seattle Seahawks. Their star signal-caller, Russell Wilson, made headlines voicing his frustrations with the team. It rarely happens that Wilson says something negative about his team, so it raised some concern.

The comments by Wilson were going to get back to his team and management sooner or later. There is a feeling that Wilson planned his moves as a way to get under the Seahawks’ skin. It doesn’t look like Seattle was happy about their quarterback’s public comments, which could mean things are getting tense.

Russell Wilson voices frustrations with Seahawks 

Star quarterbacks realize the power they have over NFL franchises. All they have to do is voice their displeasure with the team, and now it is on them to fix the problem or let their quarterback go. Wilson was the latest quarterback to express his issues with his team, doing so on The Dan Patrick Show.

While on the show, Wilson mentioned how he didn’t like taking so many hits. There is truth to that statement, as he’s been sacked 394 times. That is the most times a quarterback has been sacked in their first nine seasons. Some of the sacks are his fault because he likes to improvise. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to get hit so much anymore.

Dan Patrick also asked Wilson if he wants more input on front-office decisions. Wilson said he does, as he is the quarterback and has to make do with what Seattle brings in. Despite those two noteworthy talking points, that wasn’t the most incendiary part of Russell Wilson’s time on The Dan Patrick Show

Things got intense when Patrick asked Wilson if he thinks the Seahawks ever received calls about his availability. He responded, saying that he definitely believes they’ve gotten calls about him. When asked if he thought he was available to be traded, Wilson replied, “I’m not sure if I’m available or not. That’s a Seahawks question.”

It was never a real thought that Wilson could leave Seattle, but him saying those things just made that possibility very real. The Seahawks’ response to Wilson’s comments on Dan Patrick Show could signal the two sides heading toward separation. 

The Seahawks aren’t happy with Wilson’s public comments

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Wilson’s comments about his uncertainty in Seattle were going to be heard by the Seahawks brass eventually. He’s always been a proud Seahawk, ending his interviews with “Go Hawks” religiously.

Him coming out in public and speaking about his issues with the team is surprising. He even had a video conference later that day, doubling down on what he said. The Seahawks aren’t happy with their star quarterback at all after publicly bashing them.

“A source told me that the Seahawks’ management is not happy with Russell Wilson and his camp for taking this to the media. You wonder if they’re going to be able to co-exist… The current situation is not sustainable. That’s what I was told,” said Dan Patrick per Pro Football Talk.

With the Seahawks management unhappy with Wilson, it now increases the chances Wilson could be moved. It has been evident this offseason that once a quarterback and a team are at odds, it is best for both sides to go their separate ways. Wilson and Seattle’s relationship is getting a little tense, which should have Seahawks fans very worried.

There was a time where many thought Wilson could be a Seahawk for life. Now there is a chance he could be traded away. Those kinds of developments don’t happen overnight. Something went wrong in the past few years between Wilson and Seattle. What was once a lovely marriage that brought one Lombardi trophy and an additional Super Bowl berth could end in an ugly divorce. 

Will Russell Wilson really be traded?

Given how quarterback movement has occurred in the NFL and how much activity that’s still to come, Wilson can definitely be traded. If he makes a big of a fuss or does more public bashing of the Seahawks, he could get out of Seattle. However, that isn’t in Wilson’s nature (so we think). If he is traded, where would he go?

Many teams could use a quarterback, but bettors have the Las Vegas Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys as the two favorites to get Wilson. That’s interesting, given the Raiders haven’t made Derek Carr available, and the Cowboys are trying to work something out with Dak Prescott. The Indianapolis Colts, Washington Football Team, and Denver Broncos were other teams listed as potential favorites. It might not be in Seattle’s interest to trade their quarterback because of the financial repercussions.

Wilson signed a four-year, $140 million extension in 2019. If he is on the Seahawks roster on Feb. 12, his $19 million salary for 2021 becomes guaranteed. So the Hawks are already going to owe him his money unless a trade comes out of nowhere. What’s more important is the financial impact if Wilson is traded. He would leave the Seahawks with $39 million in dead money.

Trading Wilson this offseason doesn’t seem like a smart choice for the Seattle Seahawks, but that doesn’t mean he’s safe forever. Wilson and the team aren’t on good terms right now, which is something to keep tabs on. It’s unlikely that they trade their star quarterback, but his recent public comments and the now strained relationship could quickly change that prediction.