Russell Wilson and Tom Brady Both Sleep on This Type of Bed

Russell Wilson and Tom Brady remain two of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. With the home stretch of the season coming, the two seem locked for postseason success. (The Patriots have struggled recently, but no one will be surprised if they correct it come January.) While Wilson and Brady have put in tons of work to get here, both credit a secret weapon that many are sleeping on.

With endorsement deals with MOLECULE, a revolutionary new bed meant to optimize sleep performance, Brady and Wilson say that the MOLECULE bed is part of their paths to greatness. 

Russell Wilson and Tom Brady both love a mattress?

According to MOLECULE, Wilson and Brady aren’t the only athletes who endorse MOLECULE. Both soccer star Alex Morgan and gymnast Nastia Liukin have sung the bed’s praises. As more research comes out regarding the influence of healthy sleep patterns, athletes are taking it seriously.

Athletes, specifically need time to reboot after games, practice, training, and the wear and tear of life on the road during a season. MOLECULE considers this when designing their products, using airflow to facilitate a cooler sleep that optimizes the quality of slumber as well as recovery. 

Designed by a team of doctors and scientists, the bed is meant to make all four stages — the transitional stage when someone goes in and out of consciousness, the onset stage when the person slips out of consciousness and their breathing and heart rate slow down, the deep sleep stage when blood pressure drops, and the fourth stage when the brain activates and is more likely to dream.

Russell Wilson and MOLECULE

Wilson recently discussed his love for the MOLECULE bed with GQ. Wilson said his sleep has been a work in progress as he adjusts to life with kids. He’s had to figure out the best way to get five to six hours of sleep on weekdays and nine or 10 hours come Saturday and Sunday. The QB said the changes are paying off, too. 

“It sounds cheesy, but at 29 years old, I feel younger than ever,” Wilson said. “That’s because I’ve been really investing in the body and movement and sleep parts — having a movement specialist, a massage therapist, and a trainer. Putting the team in place is like having a Formula One car. You have to make sure that everything’s tuned up and ready to roll. I want my car to be driving like Lewis Hamilton, and flying around those corners.”

Wilson has led the Seahawks to a 10-3 record and helped them overcome expectations that they would be a middling team. The 31-year-old has thrown 3,422 yards, 26 touchdowns, and only five interceptions for a 107.5 quarterback rating. Wilson isn’t alone in this, either.

Tom Brady and MOLECULE

Brady continues to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL well into his forties and his off-field lifestyle has been put under scrutiny because of it. Although he may make the game look easy, the more a player ages the more attention they must pay to fitness and recovery. This is where MOLECULE comes in.

“Rest and recovery are the foundations for getting me to my in-season goal to feel 100 percent for every practice and every game,” Brady told MOLECULE. “… Their mattress is designed to keep me cool throughout the entire night by conducting the right amount of heat away from the body, which promotes the deepest sleep possible.”

From star quarterbacks to other athletes, MOLECULE beds help the most active among us to get the right amount of sleep without sacrificing quality. While they may be paid to endorse the products, the bed’s results are rooted in science and fact. Every little thing can help, and MOLECULE plays a part with both quarterbacks.