One of the Best Players on the Saints Recruited Russell Wilson to New Orleans on National Television

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson hasn’t formally requested a trade, but there are rumors going around that the Pro Bowler is upset with the Seahawks and could ask for a trade if things don’t change in Seattle.

Wilson’s agent told ESPN that the New Orleans Saints are one of the teams the gunslinger would request a trade to if he’s ready to end his Seahawks career. The Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and Las Vegas Raiders are on Wilson’s list as well.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Get Up” on ESPN, one of the best players on the Saints openly recruited Russell Wilson to New Orleans by saying he can envision the one-time Super Bowl champion in a Saints’ uniform.

Cam Jordan can envision Russell Wilson in a Saints uniform

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Saints defensive end Cam Jordan says if Drew Brees decides to retire, he would love to have Russell Wilson replace him in New Orleans.

The six-time Pro Bowler believes Wilson paired with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas would make the Saints’ offense even more explosive than it already is.

“I can very much envision, you know, if Drew decides to retire, then we look at Russ Wilson in that black and gold, that beautiful black and gold, Mike T, a healthy Mike T, Alvin Kamara. You talking about with the receiving core that we have now, add in Emmanuel Sanders, I can see a lot happening with it. With that being said, it’s all rumors, it’s all hearsay until it does happen.”

Brees reduced his 2021 salary from $25 million to $1.075 million. The move freed up nearly $24 million in salary-cap space for the Saints.

While nothing is set in stone, Brees is widely expected to retire from the NFL. If that happens and Wilson requests a trade from Seattle, the Saints need to do whatever it takes to get the dual-threat quarterback in New Orleans.

The Saints lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Divisional Round by a final score of 30-20. Brees threw for 134 yards and one touchdown, but he was picked off three times. The NFL’s all-time leader in career passing yards doesn’t have the arm strength anymore to stretch the field, which is why most pundits expect Brees to retire.

Cam Jordan loves Drew Brees like a brother. However, even he knows the Saints need Russell Wilson if the team wants to win another Super Bowl in the Sean Payton era.

Russell Wilson threw 40 touchdowns in 2020

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Russell Wilson threw for 4,212 yards in 2020 while racking up 40 passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns. The 32-year-old completed 68.8% of his passes despite playing behind arguably the worst offensive line in the NFL.

Drew Brees was sacked only 13 times in 2020. Meanwhile, Wilson was sacked 47 times. The Saints have one of the best offensive lines in the league and would protect Wilson a lot better than the Seahawks have. The Ohio native has been sacked 394 times in 144 regular-season games.

Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas would make life so much easier for Wilson, who wouldn’t have to be Superman every week in New Orleans. If Brees decides to retire and end his stellar NFL career, the Saints can’t start Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill next season. They need to acquire Wilson at all costs and not waste the talents of Kamara and Thomas.

Since entering the NFL in 2012, Wilson has thrown for 33,946 yards and tossed 267 touchdowns. He’s one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL since he can do damage in the air and on the ground.

While he loves Drew Brees, Cam Jordan hopes that he doesn’t have to run around and chase Russell Wilson anymore.

The Saints could miss the playoffs in 2021 if the start Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill

If Drew Brees retires and the Saints don’t get Russell Wilson, they could miss the playoffs in 2021. Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill are talented players, but they don’t have what it takes to start 16 games and lead a team to the playoffs.

Winston turns the ball over too much, while Hill isn’t a polished enough passer to run Sean Payton’s offense. Russell Wilson is the ideal QB to take over for Drew Brees, and Cam Jordan knows it.

Stats courtesy of Football Reference.