Russell Wilson Dashes Seahawk Fans Concerns After Comments Regarding Pete Carroll

Throughout the offseason, the Seattle Seahawks have dealt with lingering chatter concerning Russell Wilson’s future. The discussion continues to dwindle, but it remains an underlying topic in Seattle. Wilson recently took it upon himself to silence the noise by emphasizing the relationship he and head coach Pete Carroll share.

Russell Wilson airs his frustrations with the Seahawks

After Super Bowl 55, Wilson stirred the pot in Seattle by publicly airing his internal frustrations.

The 32-year-old voiced his desire to become more involved in roster decisions along with comments of uncertainty regarding his future. He followed by having his agent list the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and Dallas Cowboys as desired landing spots if the Seahawks pursued a trade.

However, the franchise never moved toward discussing trade scenarios with any team this offseason. Instead, the two sides worked damage control to douse the flames concerning rumors. The star quarterback recently took a step further to quiet the remaining noise.

Russell Wilson dashes Seahawk fans concerns after comments regarding Pete Carroll

As the offseason rolls along, the uncertain chatter around Wilson’s future with the Seahawks continues to wind down.

A central focus around the matter has been the standing between the 32-year-old and his head coach. The quarterback took upon himself to further diminish any concerns during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday by stating that he and Pete Carroll have developed a closer bond.

“I would say it’s stronger. I think me and Pete have gotten closer. Pete and I have always had a great bond but I think we had a great heart to heart,” Wilson said via Pro Football Talk. “Me and coach Carroll’s relationship is stronger than ever.”

The eight-time Pro Bowler also doubled down on the notion that his focus lies solely toward leading the franchise to success.

“I care about winning, that’s what I want to do,” Wilson said. “That’s always been my goal, that’s always been my focus, to win it all.”

All the outside noise may have worked to bring Wilson closer to his longtime head coach. Only he and the Seahawks know the extent of their relationship and the standing between them. There likely lies some underlining truth with the friction, but those are matters that they worked out to garner a more significant focus toward the upcoming season.

Wilson hasn’t wavered toward demanding a trade through the entire matter. Meanwhile, the Seahawks haven’t considered any trade scenarios to move the star quarterback. If there are any issues, those discussions will unfold next offseason if Seattle falls short again of contending for the Super Bowl.

Seahawks hold an all-or-nothing 2021 season ahead

With any remnants of the drama around Wilson brushed aside, it shifts the focus toward the 2021 season.

The star quarterback and the organization are airing a strong collective connection, but things could quickly change if the upcoming campaign doesn’t result in a deep playoff push.

Seattle remains a playoff constant, but the team continues to fall short in the postseason, reaching no further than the divisional round the last five trips. It includes the team losing in the wild card round in two out of the previous three years.

The Seahawks didn’t do much to address the offseason issues despite trading for guard Gabe Jackson. The team chose not to address the offensive line until the fourth round of this year’s draft with former Florida tackle Stone Forsythe. It isn’t a recipe for disaster, but the organization is well aware of why if the season unfolds similarly to last year.

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