Russell Wilson’s Former Teammate Says He’s Trying to Devise ‘Classy Way’ to Leave the Seahawks

The chatter around the Seattle Seahawks has grown into a concerning matter regarding Russell Wilson. The Seahawks’ star quarterback has publicly voiced his frustrations with the franchise, sparking rumors around his future. One of Wilson‘s former teammates has now chimed into the situation, adding more internal concerns to the matter.

Russell Wilson airs his frustration with Seattle

In the days ahead of Super Bowl 55, there began rumblings around Russell Wilson‘s standing with the Seahawks.

The rumor mill started to churn out dialogue that Seattle was turning down trade calls for their star quarterback. The situation took another interesting turn this week as Wilson voiced frustration with the franchise.

Much of which centered on the lack of any feasible pass protection, as he’s been sacked 394 times through his first nine seasons.

“I love playing for Seattle,” Wilson stated to reporters on Tuesday. “Loved it for years. You just never want to get hit. I’ve been sacked almost 400 times. We’ve got to get better. I’ve got to get better… I’m frustrated with getting hit too much.”

Wilson fed further into the chatter during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, confirming that he wanted more say in player personnel decisions. The 32-year-old also voiced that any trade talk around his availability is a question for the Seahawks to answer.

Now one of his former teammates is stirring the pot a bit more by stating the star quarterback wants out of Seattle.

Russell Wilson’s former teammate believes he’s trying to leave the Seahawks

The building conversation around Russell Wilson’s future with the Seahawks has created some rising concern. 

Former NFL star wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who played with Wilson in 2018, stated on Tuesday on FS1’s First Things First that the Pro Bowl quarterback is attempting to maneuver his way out from the Seahawks in a “classy way.” (H/T CBS)

“Russell Wilson is beyond frustrated. I think he’s trying to figure out how to move on in a classy way,” Marshall said. “That’s what I truly believe. Russ is a guy that’s not concerned ‘how you think about me’ or ‘what you think about me.’ He’s concerned about ‘what type of legacy will I leave behind.’ he’s trying to leave the legacy that he did things the right way so other guys can follow that same blueprint.

“I think he struggles with how to move on in a classy way, in a way where people can look at him and say ‘you know what, he still did it the right way.’ Because that’s important for Russ.”

Marshall’s comments raise more eyebrows, given that he’s been around Wilson in some capacity as a teammate. The facts are there as the 32-year-old he’s endured more sacks than any quarterback through their first nine seasons.

Wilson has also gone on the record to voice his frustration regarding the situation. More than anything, it’s leading to a pivotal moment ahead for the franchise.

What will happen in Seattle?


Russell Wilson Just Sent a Scary Message About His Future With the Seattle Seahawks

If the last few days weren’t clear enough for the Seahawks, their star quarterback has grown quite frustrated with the current situation.

Wilson is entering the second year of his four-year, $140 million deal that runs through the 2023 season. All that places a ticking clock on the Seahawks to amend the matter with their star quarterback.

His performance has been a huge reason why they have become a playoff constant in the stacked NFC. Wilson has essentially laid it all out on the table publicly, pushing tremendous pressure on the Seahawks front office to respond.

The cards are in Seattle’s hands to fix the situation with their franchise quarterback to avoid any it from progressing any worse.