Russell Wilson Has Every Reason to Be Infuriated by the Seattle Seahawks’ Next Potential Move

The Seattle Seahawks acquired veteran pass-rusher Carlos Dunlap last season, in large part to help Russell Wilson win another Super Bowl. 

Unfortunately for Dunlap and Wilson, the Seahawks didn’t even make it out of the NFC wild-card round. Despite how much Dunlap’s arrival helped the Seahawks’ defense, he may not be long for Seattle — and Wilson should be infuriated by that possibility. 

The Seattle Seahawks may cut Carlos Dunlap to save money

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Carlos Dunlap could be the next cap casualty coming to the free-agent market. 

ESPN reported last week that the Seattle Seahawks could cut Dunlap, who turned 32 on Sunday, to save money. Dunlap, a two-time Pro Bowler, has a $3 million bonus potentially coming his way in March. 

Seattle can avoid paying Dunlap that money, though, if they cut him before March 21. 

Money always talks in the NFL, and the impact Dunlap had upon joining the Seahawks via trade last season doesn’t change that fact. 

Russell Wilson should be outraged by that idea

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Russell Wilson is entering his 10th NFL season, and he understands the financial factor all too well. 

The Seattle Seahawks moved on from high-profile and successful veterans before, including the likes of Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman

Still, Wilson should be greatly disturbed by the idea of Seattle cutting Dunlap and letting him leave in free agency. Dunlap had five sacks in eight games for the Seahawks last year. 

The veteran defender added two pass breakups in Seattle’s wild-card round loss to Jared Goff and the Rams

Dunlap hasn’t shown any indication to retire, and he could generate interest on the open market. At age 32, Dunlap might have to settle for a one-year deal, but his revitalized play in Seattle last year should help his chances of earning a strong payday. 

Russell Wilson needs the Seahawks to keep Carlos Dunlap

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On the one hand, $3 million is $3 million, especially amid a pandemic. 

Nonetheless, Russell Wilson needs to use his power and ensure the Seattle Seahawks keep Carlos Dunlap. The Seahawks currently only have four draft picks this year, and none in the first round after the Jamal Adams trade last summer. 

If the Seahawks intend to keep Wilson, they need to build around him with proven pieces. Seahawks general manager John Schneider hasn’t exactly had the best draft success in recent years. 

Of course, all of this is for nothing if the Seahawks blow everything up and trade Wilson. Seattle would essentially punt on the 2021 season by trading Wilson, who is arguably the greatest player in franchise history. 

And if the Seahawks send Wilson to Chicago or New Orleans or anywhere else, there is no point in bringing Dunlap back. Dunlap can try to team up with Wilson on another team — one that, hopefully for Dunlap, could use a veteran pass-rusher and has the money to give him a reasonable salary. 

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