Russell Wilson Just Got the MVP Motivation to Dominate the 2020 Season

Russell Wilson is off to an impressive start to begin the 2020 season that has created much buzz around the Seattle Seahawks. It has also further elevated Wilson among the elite players in the league. Beyond that, it may have just provided him with the extra MVP motivation to take his game to the next level in the 2020 campaign.

Russell Wilson’s strong start to the 2020 season

Russell Wilson has picked up where he left off last season as he has put forth a remarkable start to the 2020 campaign.

Wilson has guided the Seahawks to a 2-0 record that has come primarily behind his performance. He has completed 82.5 % of his passes while being fifth with 610 passing yards, first with nine touchdown passes, and holds a 140.0 passer rating. His completion percentage through that stretch is the highest in NFL history.

The star quarterback has dominated the first two weeks as he has thrown at least four touchdown passes, completed 75% of his attempts, and held a passer rating above 130 in each contest. The Seahawks have moved forward with allowing Wilson to take control of the offense behind his arm much earlier in games, which has led to tremendous success.

It has also moved things toward him earning another unique honor that could fuel his play in the 2020 season.

Russell Wilson is the new favorite for the MVP award

Russell Wilson has gotten off to an incredible start that has further cemented his status among the game’s best talents.

It has also put him in the thick of the early MVP chatter as he’s now been pinned as the betting favorite to secure the prestigious honor. That should come as no surprise that he has thrust himself to the front of the conversation after what he has demonstrated so far.

The two former league MVPs in Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, have also embarked on strong starts, but Wilson has put up the stronger production. With that in mind, Wilson acknowledged on The Rich Eisen Show that it’s still relatively early to discuss that award.

“I think for me is that there is still a lot of the season to go. My expectations are to try to be the best in the world when I step on the field. Try to do what I do best and try to facilitate the ball to the right people at the right time.”

There is undoubtedly much of the 2020 regular season left to play, but it’s hard to brush aside the incredible start Wilson has had.

Seahawks hoping to contend for the Super Bowl


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The focus around Russel Wilson and the Seahawks is more than any individual award.

Wilson’s play certainly warrants him being at the top of the early MVP conversation, but Seattle is eyeing making a strong push toward the Super Bowl. They were a touchdown away from securing a spot in the NFC Championship Game last season.

The Seahawks have shown that they may possess a roster that can compete for a Super Bowl, especially with Wilson heading the charge. There will be a tough road ahead that begins with the NFC West, which can be argued as the best division in the league.

It has already seen them boast three out of the 11 undefeated teams through the first two weeks of the season. With the expanded playoff seeding, it could see all the teams in the division potentially vie for the postseason.

The path ahead will be challenging, but the Seahawks could have what it takes to add a second Super Bowl win to their franchise history.