Russell Wilson Just Said What Seahawks Fans Want to Hear About Antonio Brown

Throughout the last several months, Antonio Brown has had an increased push to get back into the NFL. That has seen the Seattle Seahawks remain in the picture as a possible landing spot due to the lingering interest from the front office and quarterback Russell Wilson. Things continue to trend in the direction of the pairing potentially happening down the line. Wilson may have just brought more life into that scenario with his latest comments.

Antonio Brown’s NFL future

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Antonio Brown’s path back to the NFL has had many twists and turns along the way, but he has finally got some much-needed clarity.

The league conducted a significant chunk of their investigation on Brown and gave him an eight-game suspension to begin the 2020 season. That stems from the January that he pleaded no contest in June to a felony burglary with battery and two lesser misdemeanor charges from a case involving a matter with a moving truck company at his home.

Brown’s career has fluttered from being a crucial fixture Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive scheme to let go by both the Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots. That piled on with the unpredictability via social media and various legal issues off the field have put him out of the league.

However, Brown hasn’t quit on his hopes of getting back into the NFL as the Seahawks look to be still interested in him. That scenario was given more credence after what Russell Wilson had to say about him.

Russell Wilson speaks highly of Antonio Brown

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Over the offseason, Russell Wilson has maintained a strong bond with Antonio Brown through various workouts.

That has continued to stay the case as Brown gathers more steam toward a possible NFL return. Wilson ignited more dialogue on that front after he told Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports that he isn’t the idea of adding the star wideout to the mix in Seattle.

“Antonio I was able to work with him this offseason. He’s one of the best receivers of all time. Any time you can get a guy like that, you’re always into that idea for sure. You want playmakers for sure. The more playmakers you get, the harder it is. Our division is a tough division.”

Wilson has built a budding bond with Brown this offseason has seen him continue to praise the former All-Pro wide receiver. There is a strong desire to play alongside him with the Seahawks, especially with how tough the NFC West has become.

That puts the ball in Seattle’s court to potentially bring aboard the Pro Bowler this season.

Soon to be Seattle bound?

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Dating back to last season, the Seahawks have remained the only team that has kept tabs on Antonio Brown.

The team conducted a thorough check on him before deciding to sign Josh Gordon during the 2019 campaign. That interest stayed intact over the offseason, which was fueled further by reports that the team did an in-depth background check on Brown to gather a better understanding of him on and off the field.

The Seahawks have keen interest even with an eight-game suspension to begin the 2020 season. Brown is a game-changing factor that could step into many offenses as the top receiving option. That could become the case in Seattle as he could form a strong trio with D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett at the wide receiver position.

If the move will help the Seahawks compete for a Super Bowl, it’s hard to believe that the front office won’t seriously consider bringing Brown aboard. Ultimately, time will tell if they will venture that route.