Seattle Seahawks Make Puzzling Move That Signals Russell Wilson’s Time Might Be Coming to an End

The Russell Wilson era in The Emerald City might be coming to an end soon, as the Seattle Seahawks recently made a puzzling move that signals the franchise QB may be traded.

Numerous reports have stated that Wilson isn’t completely happy in Seattle and wouldn’t mind getting traded to the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints, or Chicago Bears. The Pro Bowl gunslinger has a no-trade clause in his contract, so Wilson can control his trade request should he request to be moved.

While Seahawks fans are hopeful that Russell Wilson will be the team’s starting quarterback in 2021, Seattle’s brass may have hinted that the one-time Super Bowl champion will be on a different team.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are not happy with each other

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Russell Wilson has publicly said he’s not pleased with all the hits he’s taken as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback. The dual-threat QB also wants more say in the team’s personnel decisions.

The Seahawks are not thrilled with Wilson’s comments and have answered calls from rival teams who want him. Michael Silver of NFL Network reports that the Wilson-Seahawks relationship is worse than he thought it was.

“The Seahawks are not happy with how this has gone down since the end of the season,” Silver said on NFL Total Access. “I think the situation is worse than I previously believed. So yeah, my thoughts have somewhat evolved… If the Seahawks are not at least having conversations about the possibility of a Russell Wilson trade right now, they’re committing malpractice, because clearly, he is that unhappy.”

Since entering the NFL in 2012 out of Wisconsin, Wilson has been sacked 394 times. That’s the most in a player’s first nine seasons since the AFL-NFL merger.

Wilson stormed out of a meeting with Seahawks coaches last season out of frustration that his suggestions for fixing the team’s offense were not being listened to, per ESPN. Seattle’s offense wasn’t explosive near the end of the 2020 season, and the team lost to the LA Rams in the Wild Card Round at home.

Since Russell Wilson has done interviews about how he’s upset with certain things in Seattle, it appears the Seahawks have decided to be petty toward their best player.

Seahawks’ season ticket letter doesn’t mention Russell Wilson

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The Seahawks’ season ticket letter for the 2021 campaign doesn’t include Russell Wilson. The letter mentions D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jamal Adams, and even includes coaches Pete Carroll, Andy Dickerson, Shane Waldron, and general manager John Schneider.

It seems strange that the Seahawks wouldn’t mention Wilson, the most important player on the roster. This could be a sign that Seattle is ready to trade the seven-time Pro Bowler and embark on a new era.

Wilson threw for 4,212 yards in 2020 and racked up 40 passing touchdowns. He’s the best quarterback in Seattle franchise history and an MVP candidate every season. The smart thing for the Seahawks to do is listen to Wilson and give him what he wants.

However, it appears Russell Wilson and Seattle can’t get on the same page, which means the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, or Bears could be getting a superstar soon.

It’s going to take a lot to get Robot Russell from Seattle

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With that being said, it’s going to take a major haul to acquire him from the Seahawks.

Seattle probably wants three first-round picks, a second-round pick, and two impact players for Wilson, who has thrown 267 touchdowns in his career.

It will be fascinating to see where Russell Wilson is playing in 2021. It’s certainly not a foregone conclusion that he’ll be in Seattle.

Stats courtesy of Football Reference.