Russell Wilson Strategically Uses Pete Carroll to Send Seahawks Fans a Calming Message

Since Super Bowl 55, the Seattle Seahawks have dealt with lingering concerns regarding Russell Wilson‘s future. The star quarterback publicly expressed his frustrations, leading to rumors floating concerning his possible departure. However, Wilson has taken another methodical step toward quieting that storm involving head coach Pete Carroll ahead of the 2021 season.

Russell Wilson drama with the Seahawks

After Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl 55 win, friction quickly surfaced with the Seahawks concerning Wilson.

The star quarterback publicly aired his frustrations regarding the pass protection and his lack of contributions with roster decisions. It all bubbled over into trade rumors, which the Seahawks remained firm in not exploring any scenarios.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s agent provided a list of possible landing spots, including the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Las Vegas Raiders. The dialogue never progressed further than that as time eased the external tension.

The star quarterback has now recently decided to take another step toward alleviating the situation.

Russell Wilson strategically uses Pete Carroll to send Seahawks fans a calming message

Any chatter of disgruntlement has completely subsided in Seattle, with Wilson reaffirming his commitment to the franchise.

The star quarterback took it a step further last week by publicly showing admiration and respect toward Pete Carroll. The 32-year-old chose to briefly interrupt a media session to state a simple but straightforward message.

“Just letting everybody know we’re still friends. Just messing with y’all” Wilson said as he hugged Carroll.

Wilson is well aware of the perception around the franchise concerning his standing with Carroll and the front office. His decision to publicly quiet that notion should silence that storm through the 2021 season.

Since Wilson’s frustration became public, the Seahawks have muzzled the chatter and brushed aside any internal conflict. Carroll hasn’t addressed the matter aside from stating that the team could rework the star quarterback’s contract down the line.

Meanwhile, the eight-time Pro Bowler calmed fans’ nerves with his recent comments, airing his desire to play his entire career in Seattle.

“I think, first of all, you know, obviously I love Seattle,” Wilson said via CBS Sports. “I’ve had a great career here so far. I’ve always wanted to play here for my whole career, obviously. I think there were some unfortunate frustrations after the season. Obviously, you want to win it all and do it all, and do everything you can. I think everybody on our team does. We all want to win it. I think, unfortunately, it got a little bit blown out of proportion.”

It may all be word salad at this point, but it’s clear Wilson is focused on pushing the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, at least through this upcoming season.

Seahawks set up for all-or-nothing 2021 season

The outward appearance that Wilson, Carroll, and the Seahawks created shouldn’t give off the vibe of an amended situation.

The 32-year-old’s issues can’t be brushed aside by one single offseason due to the franchise struggling for years to provide ample pass protection. So Wilson’s decision to discuss it publicly isn’t by coincidence as he experienced growing frustration.

All that reached a breaking point to which he felt the necessity to air his issues. Was it matters he could have addressed privately with the organization? Yes, but he likely felt expressing it through the media would be the only way toward creating change.

The Seahawks now know quite clear what Wilson wants to see changed, and it’s on the franchise to either meet those demands. Meanwhile, the front office holds no interest in moving on from the future Hall of Famer, which places greater importance on the 2021 season.

It’s a make-or-break campaign that could either further fuel Wilson’s internal frustrations or alleviate the problem altogether.

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