Russell Wilson’s Ultimate Advantage Over the Seattle Seahawks Can Make Them Bend to His Will

The Seattle Seahawks have long appeared to have the bedrock of stability with Russell Wilson under center. This offseason, the situation has shifted toward possibly rocky waters after Wilson aired his lingering frustrations with the franchise. Over the last few weeks, what has also become quite clear is that the star quarterback possesses the ultimate control over the matter.

Russell Wilson drama continues to unfold in Seattle

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Since Super Bowl 55, the Seattle Seahawks have remained engulfed in chatter centered on Russell Wilson.

The star quarterback has publicly aired his frustrations with the franchise, pinpointing needed change to guide the team forward. The discussion has moved to the point where trade talk has become a possibility.

Wilson’s agent has created a list of four teams that he would welcome a move that includes the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and Miami Dolphins. He hasn’t demanded a trade but the suggested landing spots give off the vibe that he would welcome a move if things remained the same in Seattle.

Through the process, it has also become clear that Wilson holds the ultimate control in the situation.

Russell Wilson’s ultimate advantage over the Seattle Seahawks can make them bend to his will

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The Seattle Seahawks have become completely immersed in the chatter revolving around Russell Wilson’s future.

Seattle has yet to consider moving their star quarterback this offseason, but it’s become quite clear that Wilson holds control over the situation. NFL Network‘s Michael Silver pointed out that much due to the 32-year-old holding a no-trade clause.

“I believe that they will obviously listen to offers from those four teams,” Silver said. “Wilson does have some control because of the no-trade clause. I think Peter Carroll regards himself as a problem-solver and will try to figure out a way to patch this up.

“If (the 2021 season) doesn’t go well, are you going to trade Russell Wilson after the season or tell Pete Carroll, ‘Hey man, it’s been a great run, but we’re gonna bring in a coach that Russell Wilson wants to play for?’ I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but there are a lot of balls in the air, and this is not a great situation right now.”

If these internal issues continue to persist in Seattle between Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll, it’s hard to envision the franchise straying away from the eight-time Pro Bowler. He has become the driving force of the team’s success and one of the league’s best players.

It would be a tough call to part ways with Carroll, given the stability he’s created, but Wilson is their franchise cornerstone. All that could see the Seahawks bend to his will if it reaches that point.

Seattle has tough offseason ahead

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Through the first few weeks of the offseason, the Seattle Seahawks are between a rock and a hard place with Russell Wilson.

There is clearly some lingering tension that has festered over the last several years. All of it has reached a boiling point for Wilson for him to publicly pressure the franchise toward needed change.

The 32-year-old may have his issues, but his primary desire is to work things out with the franchise where he’s spent his first nine NFL seasons. Wilson holds tremendous admiration and respect toward the Seahawks due to the sustained success over his career.

His concerns center on extending his playing days while pushing the franchise toward Super Bowl contention. There are some missing pivotal factors, and the lackluster offensive protection is part of the issues that have dogged Seattle over the last few years.

Ultimately, the Seahawks’ upcoming moves this offseason will reveal how much they genuinely value Wilson’s opinion and impact on the franchise.