Russell Wilson Uses His Clothing Company To Help Give Back To the Community

Russell Wilson’s generosity as one of the highest-paid players in NFL history is no secret. Whether he’s helping teammates or donating to charitable causes, the Seahawks quarterback spreads his wealth to those who don’t have his privilege. This extends to his clothing company, which Wilson started in part to help others by capitalizing on his name

Russell Wilson’s wealth and generosity

Wilson made waves in April of 2019 when he leveraged his way to a $140 million extension with the Seahawks that spread over four years and included a $65 million signing bonus. At the time, it was the largest extension in the history of the NFL. The quarterback has failed to match his initial Super Bowl glory when he was still young. But he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL

On top of this, Wilson gets paid millions to endorse brands from across the world. From big deals with Nike, Mercedes, and Bose to a gaming app he helped launch, Wilson knows how to make a buck. However, despite being worth this much money, Wilson doesn’t want to keep it to himself. 

Knowing that linemen take the brunt of the physicality to protect him, Wilson gifted each of his linemen $156,000 in Amazon stock. He matched this gift with a public message to the men who let him be a superstar. 

“You sacrifice your physical and mental well-being to protect me, which in turn allows me to provide care for my family,” Wilson wrote in an open message per CNBC. “Now it is my turn to return the favor.” However, Wilson’s generosity goes far beyond his teammates. 

The Why Not You Foundation

According to the website, Wilson founded the Why Not You Foundation in 2014 as a way to empower the youth of America to become leaders of tomorrow. The name stems from a mantra that Wilson’s father passed down to him. With Wilson’s wife, Ciara, helping him grow the charity, they have paid medical bills, put on classes, and raised funds for several noble causes. 

However, to raise money for the charity, Wilson doesn’t stick to the average fundraisers one might expect a superstar NFL athlete to throw. He wants the charity to have a steady income otherwise, too. This is why he connected the Why Not You Foundation with another staple of athletes in America: a clothing company. 

The Good Man Brand


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Good Man Brand might not be a household name like Jordan brand. But it’s helped grow Wilson’s brand portfolio far beyond the football field. Started by Wilson, Good Man Brand donates 3% of its purchases to the Why Not You Foundation to help feed communities and prepare people for careers.

Started in 2016, the Brand’s website says it wanted to create a fashion brand more focused on making a difference. Their goal is to impact a billion lives with their work. Matching Wilson’s passion for charity in other aspects of his life, the clothing brand further shows he’s not just about the money and fame. He’s about making a difference. 

Where Wilson goes from here is anyone’s guess. He’s shown that maybe his time making a difference will spread far beyond his playing days do.