Russell Wilson and His Wife Ciara Being Recruited to the Saints by an Unexpected Source

Russell Wilson has created some concerning chatter around the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson’s disgruntlement with the situation in Seattle has led to a provided list of potential trade landing spots. With that said, Wilson and his wife, Ciara, received recruitment to the New Orleans Saints by unexpected source.

Russell Wilson airs frustration with the Seahawks

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Following Super Bowl 55, the chatter around the Seahawks took an interesting turn, with Russell Wilson venting his frustration.

Wilson stirred the pot by voicing his desire for a better group of offensive line talent and a more substantial say in roster personnel decisions. The conversation has pushed its way toward the 31-year-old providing a list of potential trade landing spots.

The uncertainty in Seattle has guided recruitment to the saints by an unexpected source.

Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara being recruited to the Saints by an unexpected source

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Although Russell Wilson didn’t ask for a trade, his agent did provide a list of teams where he would welcome a move.

Among those are the New Orleans Saints, who are in a holding pattern with Drew Brees’ retirement decision. As the team waits on the future Hall of Famer, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell took to Twitter to make a public pitch to Wilson and his wife Ciara to join the Saints.

“I’m LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of the City of New Orelans, and I know Mr. Wilson that you will be a great addition to the New Orleans Saints.” Cantrell said. ” And more importantly, I can see us in that number, winning that Super Bowl championship once again.”

“And what else I can see? The Mrs., Ciara Wilson herself on that main stage during the historical Essence Festival,” Cantrell added. “Just wanted to stop in and let you know that we not only admire you, we want you. Love you, man. Love Ciara, love your beautiful family. The culture of the city of New Orleans awaits you.”

Mayor Cantrell likely speaks for many residents in New Orleans as Wilson is a franchise-changing talent. If Brees does wind up retiring this offseason, a transition to the eight-time Pro Bowler will keep the Saints in the Super Bowl picture.

Star wide receiver Michael Thomas has already hinted at his desire to play with Wilson by posting a photo of him and the star quarterback. Wilson may not have the final say in any potential trade talks, but it’s clear that he’s wanted in New Orleans.

Seahawks are hoping to keep their star quarterback

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If the Seahawks were to venture into the trade market for Russel Wilson, there would be plenty of suitors lined up for his services.

Wilson is in the prime of his career, playing at an MVP-caliber level, and could make practically any team into at least a playoff contender. The Seahawks have yet to move in that direction as there remains mutual interest in making the pairing work for the long haul.

However, the situation has made it quite clear that there are lingering issues that plague the franchise. There is an internal power struggle that will need several adjustments to push things in the right direction. A sticking point will be Wilson’s desire to have a significant say in roster decisions.

What also doesn’t help fuel trade talk is the dead cap hit the Seahawks would take. It currently stands at $58 million for the 2021 season. If Seattle waits after June 1, they will save $19 million toward this year’s salary cap but will have $13 million in dead money in 2021 and a $26 million cap hit in 2022.

There are many wrinkles to the situation that must unfold before a trade becomes the only feasible route.