Russell Wilson’s Worst Fear Has Nothing to Do With Football

Since entering the NFL, Russell Wilson has become one of the game’s best quarterbacks. Wilson has guided the Seattle Seahawks to tremendous success, including winning their first Super Bowl. With all that in mind, the star quarterback recently revealed his worst fear that has nothing to do with the game of football.

Russell Wilson’s impressive start to his NFL career

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Through his first nine seasons, Russell Wilson has established himself as one of the game’s best quarterbacks.

Wilson’s resume speaks for itself as he has achieved sustained success during his tenure with the Seahawks. The franchise has become a playoff constant behind eight postseason appearances, one win in two trips to the Super Bowl, four NFC West division titles, and eight double-digit win campaigns.

Meanwhile, Wilson has earned eight Pro Bowl selections and set numerous Seahawks’ all-time records, including most career touchdown passes, passing yards, and rushing yards for a quarterback. He is the definition of a franchise cornerstone in Seattle as he has made them into a playoff constant.

Wilson holds the recognition as an elite quarterback that many believe is on a trajectory toward a first-ballot Hall of Fame career. Beyond all that success lies a fear of his that has nothing to do with football.

Russell Wilson’s worst fear has nothing to do with football

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Through nearly a decade in the NFL, Russell Wilson has experienced it all on the football field.

Wilson has also garnered strong stability in his personal life away from his craft with his marriage to music artist Ciara a few years ago. Their relationship has led them to have two children together that further cultivated their strong bond.

During a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Wilson underlined the importance his wife plays in his life as he revealed losing her would be his greatest fear over not being prepared.

“Yeah, but I probably have one that’s bigger than that,” Wilson prodded, which Ciara responded, “Is it L-O-S-I-N.”

Wilson then added: “Yes, losing you” before moving onto another question in their 1-on-1 interview with each other. It’s quite clear that Ciara means a great deal in the star quarterback’s life.

Their relationship has helped further stabilize him off the field as his emotional anchor away from his craft. Their strong connection between the two is quite evident in the GQ Magazine interview, giving a clear sense of the importance they play in each other’s life.

NFL future ahead remains bright

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Beyond Russell Wilson’s connection with his wife Ciara, his future in the NFL remains bright.

Wilson’s time ahead with the Seahawks is a bit cloudy due to his recent comments regarding his frustrations with the franchise. There is a strong desire to amend the situation, but it does raise questions about whether he could wind up with another organization this offseason or soon after that.

The 32-year-old is one of the game’s best talents that can significantly impact any team if the Seahawks were to entertaining moving him. Seattle remains steadfast in their first choice is to keep him for the long haul, given his importance to their success as their franchise quarterback.

The next few months should provide a clear picture concerning where things are headed. Nonetheless, Wilson has many more highly productive seasons ahead to further solidify his legacy in NFL history.