Saints’ Drew Brees Reveals He Wants to Play as Long as Tom Brady

Star quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints’ season has come to another abrupt close in the playoffs, which has drawn questions about his long-term future in the NFL. The chatter around Brees before the wildcard game was that he was going to continue playing beyond the 2019 campaign. However, there hadn’t been any indication of how much longer that could be. Brees has finally provided the expected extended length that his illustrious career could reach that should reach around the same territory as Tom Brady‘s goal.

Drew Brees’ 2019 season

The Saints entered the 2019 season with a redemptive mindset after falling short in the NFC Championship game in controversial fashion against the Los Angeles Rams.

New Orleans responded by putting together another strong campaign, which did feature Brees missing five games due to a torn ligament in his thumb. The Saints were able to stay afloat with him out of the mix, which saw the future Hall of Famer return and continued to push the team towards securing another playoff berth behind an NFC South division title.

That saw Brees make NFL history along the way as he moved by Peyton Manning for the all-time passing touchdown mark. It has made him the all-time leader in both passing yards and touchdowns, further boosting his Hall of Fame resume. That didn’t equate to much playoff success as the Saints fell disappointingly to the Minnesota Vikings in the wildcard round.

It has put Brees’ long-term future in the NFL into the frame in New Orleans, which has now given a window of much longer he could play.

Drew Brees’ NFL future outlook

Like Tom Brady, Brees looks to continue his NFL well into his 40s, but there hasn’t been a timetable of sorts of how much longer that could be.

The Pro Bowler has now provided a possible timeframe for how much longer he may play in the NFL. According to Kristian Garic of Saints Sports Radio, Brees has voiced that he could continue his career for another three to four more seasons.

That would put him at potentially 23 seasons in the league if he reached the full extent of that timeline. Brees hasn’t shown any notable decline in his play despite some drop off in his arm strength on throws down the field. The Saints have constructed a team that is quite dependent on his production, which the team will likely roll with until he decides to retire.

It also provides the Saints with an outline of how to handle the quarterback position for the next several years.

Will Drew Brees play that long?

Brees may still have a desire to play for a few more years, but he’s inching closer to the end of the road of his illustrious NFL career.

The Saints now have a timeframe of how much they need to invest in the roster to win right now, with the soon-to-be 41-year-old still playing at a high level. There is a clear desire from him to compete for multiple Super Bowls before he finally steps away from the game. Brees is set to become a free agent, with the two sides likely to agree to another short-term deal.

Meanwhile, New Orleans will be mindful of how it approaches the quarterback position for the long-term. That could see Teddy Bridgewater depart to garner an opportunity elsewhere, but his play this past season when Brees was out demonstrated that he could excel in New Orleans.

The Saints are still in a prime position to compete for the playoffs and much more, so it will be interesting to see if they can finally get over the hump in the playoffs.