Saints Star Alvin Kamara Just Proved Why the NFL Is Called the ‘No Fun League’

New Orleans Saints superstar running back Alvin Kamara is having a banner 2020 season. He’s firmly established himself as the best running back in the NFL due to his running and catching ability out of the backfield.

Before the 2020 season started, the Saints signed Kamara to a lucrative five-year, $75 million extension. While the Pro Bowl running back has generational money at his disposal, Kamara is $5,000 in the hole after a recent event that proved the NFL stands for the “no fun league.”

Alvin Kamara is an elite dual-threat running back

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In 15 games this season for the Saints entering Week 17, Alvin Kamara has rushed for 932 yards and scored 16 touchdowns. He’s also caught 83 balls for 756 yards and five receiving touchdowns. He is undoubtedly the best dual-threat running back in the NFL, and the Saints are very fortunate to have him on the roster.

Kamara has been voted to the Pro Bowl in each of his first four years in the league. In Week 16 against the Minnesota Vikings, the Saints’ do-it-all tailback had a game for the ages. Kamara scored six rushing touchdowns to help New Orleans defeat Minnesota by a final score of 52-33 on Christmas.

Alvin Kamara put on a show on Christmas Day from start to finish at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. However, the NFL provided a huge buzzkill for the star running back and his fashionable Christmas shoes.

The NFL fined Alvin Kamara $5,000

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According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the NFL fined Alvin Kamara $5,000 for wearing red-and-green cleats on Christmas Day. Once again, the NFL is being called the “no fun league” instead of the “national football league” by fans.

What was the point of fining Kamara for this one? His cleats were a unique way to celebrate Christmas and didn’t harm anyone on the football field. It’s easy to see why NFL fans despise commissioner Roger Goodell. This fine makes zero sense and prohibits players from having fun with their garments while playing in a vicious sport.

While the Saints won the NFC South division following their win over the Vikings, Alvin Kamara will now have to take $5,000 out of his bank account despite doing something harmless and entertaining for Christmas. The irony of the fine is that the NFL will likely use images of Kamara’s slick shoes and promote the hell out of it because it was one of the coolest moments of what has been a chaotic season due to COVID-19.

Saints star plans to match the fine by the NFL and donate it to charity

Alvin Kamara had a feeling he was going to get fined by the NFL for his shoes, which is why he told reporters after the Saints-Vikings game he will match the fine and send the money to charity. That means the Saints’ best player will be donating $10,000.

This is a great gesture by Kamara, who is turning a pointless negative into a positive. However, the fact that he knew he was going to get fined shows that Kamara and the rest of the players are aware of the NFL being a “no fun league.”

The Saints will take on the Carolina Panthers in Week 17 to close out the 2020 regular season. New Orleans is 11-4 and in second place in the NFC playoff standings. Alvin Kamara is still dealing with soreness in his foot, but he’ll be ready to go for the postseason.

Stats courtesy of Football Reference.