Sammy Sosa’s Net Worth Has Decreased Since He Left MLB and Moved to Dubai

For fans of ’90s era baseball, Sammy Sosa was more than just a household name, he was also an icon. That said, all good things come to an end, and for Sosa, his career didn’t have a Hollywood ending. Here’s a look at Sammy Sosa’s career, his life in retirement, and what his net worth looks like nowadays.

A look at Sammy Sosa’s career

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By now, Sosa’s career is one of infamy. He’s had many accomplishments in his day, but, they all have an asterisk over them. For example, according to Sports Illustrated, he’s slugged over 600 home runs, 609 to be exact, and that’s the ninth most career home runs in MLB history. Although he never helped his team win a world series, he did play for the Cubs, who were cursed at the time. 

Despite never winning a world series, he still remained an all-star player of the teams that he was on and eventually, even being the MVP of the league in 1998.

In his 19 season career in the MLB, Baseball-Reference said that he had a total career salary of $124 million, putting him in the top 100 best-paid baseball players. However, that number doesn’t include income from endorsements, sponsorships, and other business ventures that he may have had.

Steroids put an asterisk on a great career

But of course, no discussion of Sammy Sosa’s career would be complete without mentioning the steroids scandal that he was part of. As Sports Illustrated reported, an early scouting report said that he was about 150-pounds and “malnourished.”

At the time, he barely had any homers to his name. Then, a decade later, he was a new man who was 70-pounds heavier, jacked, and hitting home runs left and right. Since he was so shredded, some people thought that he used steroids. 

That suspicion may have turned out to be fact, when in 2003, he was listed as someone who had tested positive for using performance-enhancing drugs. He of course, denied this, and continues to deny it to this day.

In any case, even if he wasn’t cheating with steroids, he was caught cheating in other ways. For example, also in 2003, he was caught using a corked bat, which is illegal. He said that it was an accident, but the damage to his character was done.

Despite having such a lively and record-breaking career, Sosa has yet to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame since he retired from the sport in 2009. It’s still possible that he may get elected in the future, but baseball has been taking a tougher stance toward doping as of late, so it’s not a guarantee. 

What Sammy Sosa is up to now

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The former league MVP did not blow all of his money on having fun, like many other athletes do, and instead, he’s invested that money into multiple business ventures.

For example, Sports Illustrated said that in his second act, Sluggin’ Sammy now works in oil in his home country of the Dominican Republic, helps build stormproof housing in Panama, is involved in the beverage industry in the U.K., and does real estate in the UAE. 

He doesn’t just do business in the UAE either, he also lives there, in a fancy hotel in Dubai. That said, he also has homes in Miami and Santo Domingo, which is the capital of the Dominican Republic.

When he’s not doing business or spending time with his big family of six kids, he’s also putting bleaching cream on his skin, which has caused him to look lighter than usual.

But of course, since he’s rich, he’s also been spending some of his money. For example, that Miami home was worth over $7 million, according to NBC Miami.

However, despite having new business ventures, his spending has decreased his net worth. His MLB contracts were just worth a lot of money. In retirement, he’s now worth about $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.