Scott Hanson’s Favorite ‘NFL RedZone’ Memory Is One That 3 Teams Would Like to Forget

For over a decade, football fans have spent seven hours of commercial-free football with Scott Hanson on NFL RedZone.

Hanson has become an influential NFL figure over the years by hosting a whip-around show designed to show the latest plays and scores on a football Sunday.

Eleven years of showing every touchdown, from the ones Peyton Manning threw to those that Derrick Henry is running for now, has led to plenty of exciting moments. Hanson admitted in 2018 that his favorite NFL RedZone moment involves six teams.

Scott Hanson has hosted NFL RedZone since 2009

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Younger football fans may not realize that a concept like NFL RedZone would have been foreign 20 years ago.

DirecTV began airing Red Zone Channel in 2005, a show hosted by NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano. The NFL Network created a similar show, NFL RedZone, for non-DirecTV owners in 2009.

Scott Hanson, a former Syracuse football player and NFL Network host, is the on-air presence. For over six hours each Sunday, Hanson stands in place and discusses the latest events in whatever games are happening that day.

NFL RedZone prides itself as a program that shows every touchdown from every game. Features include the touchdown montage, the octobox — an eight-screen segment showing all ongoing games in the busiest early windows — and fantasy football updates.

In some ways, NFL RedZone is a successor to NFL Primetime; the recap show that Chris Berman and Tom Jackson hosted on ESPN. Much like Primetime recapped the games which aired earlier in the day with highlights that many fans hadn’t seen, RedZone provides live look-ins.

Berman and former Monday Night Football analyst Booger McFarland now NFL Primetime on ESPN+.

The show just celebrated its 200th episode

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Scott Hanson and the NFL RedZone staff recently celebrated their 200th episode.

The December 6 episode marked the anniversary, one that the show celebrated by featuring tweets from viewers. Hanson also showed highlights from the inaugural episode, including his first intro and a touchdown that Peyton Manning threw against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sept. 13, 2009.

Hanson had the opportunity to call several upsets and meaningful games in Week 13. Colt McCoy and the Giants upset Russell Wilson and the Seahawks on the road, while Baker Mayfield threw four touchdowns against Derrick Henry and the Titans.

Scott Hanson’s favorite NFL RedZone memory is…

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Calling 200 episodes means Scott Hanson has seen plenty of terrific moments over the years.

In a 2019 ‘AMA’ session on Reddit, Hanson opened up on his favorite memory hosting NFL RedZone. Somewhat interestingly, it has nothing to do with a record-breaking game or historical moment.

“Every Sunday is a thrill ride, honestly. At least one, two or three games are guaranteed to have a jaw-dropping moment. That said, there was a moment during Week 6 of 2012: Robert Griffin III’s rookie year when [he] scored a 76-yard touchdown… Seconds later, rookie Russell Wilson threw a game-winning touchdown pass to beat Tom Brady… Seconds later, Jay Feely (Arizona’s kicker) hit the upright on a potential game-winning field goal. We did it in a triple box and the hairs stand up on my arm just thinking about it today.”

Cell phone footage exists on YouTube of the sequence.

Hanson’s favorite moment would have always involved a negative instance for one team. But three teams, and the players involved, may want to never ask Hanson the same question that one Reddit user did.

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