Scottie Pippen Liked That Isiah Thomas Looked Bad in ‘The Last Dance’ Docuseries: ‘He Knows Better Than Anyone Else How Poorly He Came Across in “The Last Dance,” and With Good Reason’

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan isn’t the only one who hates Detroit Pistons icon Isiah Thomas. His partner in crime, Scottie Pippen, is in the same boat.

Thomas was the leader of the Bad Boys, the team that physically beat up Jordan and Pippen. So it wasn’t surprising to see Zeke get portrayed negatively in ESPN’s The Last Dance docuseries since MJ had editorial control over the popular documentary.

Even though Pippen is upset with Jordan over how he was represented in the doc, he is happy that Thomas looked bad.

Scottie Pippen on Isiah Thomas: “When I came into the league, he was never nice to me”

In his memoir, Unguarded, Pippen insinuated that Thomas only has himself to blame for looking terrible in The Last Dance docuseries. The six-time champion also wrote that the Chicago native tried to declare a truce, but he wasn’t interested.

“In the spring of 2020, while the doc was being aired, Isiah was interested in the two of us declaring a truce,” Pippen wrote. “He reached out to B. J. Armstrong, who called me: ‘Would you be willing to talk to him?’ B.J. asked. Dude, are you kidding me? When I came into the league, he was never nice to me. Why would I want to meet with him now? Isiah is no fool. He knows better than anyone else how poorly he came across in The Last Dance, and with good reason. I wasn’t about to make it easier for him.”

Not only did Thomas and the Pistons try to hurt Jordan and Pippen, but the Hall of Famer also displayed poor sportsmanship on May 27, 1991.

Isiah Thomas and the Pistons didn’t shake the Bulls’ hands

The Bulls swept the Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals after losing to their rivals in the playoffs for three straight years. Before Game 4 ended, Thomas and the Pistons walked off the court and didn’t shake the Bulls’ hands. Ever since that moment, it is believed Jordan and Pippen lost any respect they had for Thomas.

The Bulls superstars got their revenge on the Pistons great by playing a significant role in Thomas not making the 1992 Dream Team. Jordan and Pippen didn’t want the two-time champion on the roster and got their wish. Team USA won the gold medal in Barcelona, and Jordan admitted in The Last Dance that the chemistry was great since Thomas wasn’t on the team.

It’s worth mentioning that Jordan did call Thomas the second-best point guard in NBA history on The Last Dance. As for Pippen, he’s never spoken highly of the 12-time All-Star.

Scottie Pippen in 2018 on Zeke: “He’s a snake”

In 2018, Pippen and Charles Oakley spoke with actor Michael Rapaport for The Players’ Tribune, and Pip destroyed Thomas when Rapport asked about him.

“Don’t nobody know who he is anyway,” Pippen said. “What am I gonna say? He’s a snake. Just saying.”

Thomas and Magic Johnson squashed their beef on NBA TV a few years ago, but don’t expect Jordan or Pippen ever to have a relationship with the Indiana product.

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