Scottie Pippen Called Out Reporter During Live TV Interview About His New Book for Asking Too Many Questions About Michael Jordan: ‘You’re Really Making This a Michael Interview’

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen is getting tired of talking about Michael Jordan. After all, he’s been asked questions about him ever since entering the NBA in 1987.

Pippen has been going on different media platforms to promote his new memoir, Unguarded. His latest interview was with Pat Tomasulo of WGN-TV, and things got a little testy when Tomasulo kept asking Pippen to talk about Jordan.

Scottie Pippen gets annoyed by Michael Jordan questions

Tomasulo kept asking Pippen to talk about Jordan seven minutes into the interview, and the six-time champion got annoyed. Pippen was under the impression the discussion would be more about his book and career with the Bulls.

“You’re really making this a Michael interview,” Pippen said to Tomasulo. “I kind of gave in and thought maybe if I answered it with your first thing that you would maybe talk about the book, but this really shouldn’t be about Michael. My book is really about the story of the greatest basketball team of all time and not only that, the greatest era of basketball of all time, and I felt like that that was led by me, but the whole story of the great Bulls team is told around Michael Jordan. I didn’t know that in the early ’80s when I came there because that wasn’t the story that was being told.”

Pippen felt insulted by the way he was portrayed in The Last Dance docuseries. Jordan had editorial control over the final product, and Pip let his former teammate know he was upset with him. In fact, the documentary inspired Pippen to write his memoir so he could tell his side of things.

Scottie Pippen: “There were a lot of things that I wanted to share”

At the beginning of his interview with Tomasulo, Pippen spoke about why he decided to write his memoir and his relationship with Jordan. It sounds like if The Last Dance didn’t irritate him so much, Pippen wouldn’t have written the book.

“There were a lot of things that I wanted to share,” Pippen said. “During the pandemic, there were things, especially that came out in the documentary, that I felt like that it was kind of put out there on stage that the relationship of Scottie and Michael is not what we all thought it was. I think it is today what it was then. If you ask us to go on a basketball court, we’re gonna join hands and embrace that, but away from the court, we’re just not two people that do things together. We don’t share things together, and our communication is not what you see on the basketball court.”

Pippen and Jordan are arguably the greatest duo in NBA history. They won six championships together while going undefeated in the Finals and three-peated twice. However, according to Pippen, he and Jordan were never close and never will be.

Pip: Michael Jordan and I were never close during Bulls years, aren’t close today


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Despite having incredible chemistry on the basketball court, Pippen and Jordan had zero rapport off the court.

“When the documentary came out, no one questioned me and Michael’s relationship,” Pippen said. “But all of a sudden, you’re questioning it now. The documentary put out that we are not what was seen on the basketball court. Scottie Pippen was not part of that documentary. So what makes you think that our relationship is close? Michael Jordan left the Bulls in 1994 and went and played baseball. What makes you think that our relationship was close after we had just won three championships? He came back on his own and joined a team at the end of the regular season, going into the playoffs. That surprised everybody. So what makes people think that we were close?”

It’s evident The Last Dance rubbed Pippen the wrong way. After all, he never talked this way about Jordan before the docuseries came out.

Moving forward, if you’re a reporter talking to Pippen about his book, you may want to steer clear of asking too many Jordan questions, as there may be a rift between the two now.