Seahawks Considering Deshaun Watson After Russell Wilson Blockbuster Trade

The Seattle Seahawks finally did it.

After months and months of buzz regarding star quarterback Russell Wilson, the Seahawks traded him to the Denver Broncos for a nice haul after Aaron Rodgers returned to the Green Bay Packers.

The Wilson-Broncos rumors had been in the cards for quite some time, although Rodgers was the No. 1 option for Denver. Nonetheless, the Seahawks traded away their franchise QB after repeatedly saying he wasn’t going anywhere.

Now, Seattle will search for another QB for the first time in a decade, and reports have come out that Deshaun Watson is a target.

The Seahawks are eyeing Deshaun Watson after sending away Russell Wilson

First and foremost, the legal issues for Watson have yet to be resolved, which is one of the reasons teams haven’t gone all-in to acquire the Houston Texans QB.

Still, teams are interested, and the Seahawks got two firsts and two seconds as part of the deal for Wilson. The assets are there for Seattle to work with and potentially outbid the other Watson suitors.

The latest buzz across the NFL is all about Watson to Seattle, and Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports confirmed that notion.

Several executives from teams who reached out to the Seahawks are convinced the Seahawks will package much of what they just landed for Wilson to make a strong bid for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson if the outcome of the sexual assault and misconduct inquires he is facing leave him in okay standing with the NFL.

Jason La Confora

The Seahawks might be the frontrunners, especially now that the Broncos are out of the QB race.

Watson to Seattle would be a monster move for Pete Carroll and shake up the NFC West

The Seahawks want Deshaun Watson.
Deshaun Watson and Pete Carroll | Carmen Mandato/ Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The NFC West has Matthew Stafford and Kyler Murray. Trey Lance is also expected to take over as the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers, although Tom Brady rumors picked up after the Super Bowl.

Now, imagine Watson going to Seattle. The NFC West would look eerily similar to the AFC West as far as talented QB play, and the Seahawks’ supposed rebuild might not be that after all.

The Wilson trade was expected, then shut down, then expected again. The relationship between Wilson and the franchise went sour, and the Seahawks had no choice but to send him away for a nice haul of assets.

Alas, an offense with Watson, Tyler Lockett, and DK Metcalf isn’t anything to scoff at. Will the Seahawks be favorites in the NFC West with Watson? No, but they will be a dangerous group, especially on offense.

Let’s not forget that Watson is arguably a top-5 QB when he is on the field.

There are other teams interested in the Texans QB, so Seattle might need to act fast

The Seahawks aren’t the only team keeping tabs on Watson. Reports came out that the Carolina Panthers are in the running for Watson, which isn’t anything new.

The revolving door at the QB position will finally stop if Watson heads to Carolina. On top of that, the Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to be interested, although who knows if that is even a realistic option. Some Steelers insiders report that Watson isn’t an option, so who knows.

Either way, others are interested in the talented QB, and if things go well during his grand jury on Friday, a trade could go down pretty quickly.

After all, the past week has been full of QB madness: Rodgers staying, Wilson to Denver, and Carson Wentz being traded to the Washington Commanders. Watson is easily the most prominent name left, and a trade seems imminent.

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