Seahawks Are Finally Showing They Are Listening to Russell Wilson

The dynamic with the Seattle Seahawks has progressively shifted over the last few weeks due to internal tension with Russell Wilson. The star quarterback recently aired his frustrations with the franchise, creating questions concerning his long-term future. The Seahawks have now finally demonstrated they are listening to Wilson.

Russell Wilson vents his frustration with Seattle

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Since Super Bowl 55, the Seahawks have been hampered with the lingering dialogue concerning Russell Wilson’s future.

Wilson initially sparked the chatter after publicly voicing his frustrations with the franchise. That has led to various reports emerging details the long history of internal friction that guided the situation to a boiling point.

The uncertain situation has seen several franchises reach out to the Seahawks concerning his trade market availability. Although Wilson hasn’t demanded to be moved, he has put out a list of teams where he would welcome a trade.

Seattle finds themselves in a sticky situation with their star quarterback that could lead to a difficult path. The franchise has now finally responded to the matter behind an intriguing move over the weekend.

Seahawks are finally showing they are listening to Russell Wilson

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The Seattle Seahawks’ offseason has gotten off to a rocky start with the chatter around Russell Wilson’s long-term future.

The situation has brought forth the many internal issues that have been festering within the franchise. Aside from neglecting trade talks from potentially interested teams, the Seahawks have remained relatively quiet.

However, the franchise may have taken the first significant step toward fixing their standing with their star quarterback. According to Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic, Seattle is bringing back former longtime assistant coach Carl “Tater” Smith.

Smith worked as the Seahawks’ quarterbacks coach from 2011-17 before becoming the associated head coach in 2018. After that season, he departed from the franchise, becoming the Houston Texans quarterbacks coach in 2019, then an offensive consultant last year.

The decision to bring back a familiar face in Smith signals something much more than just that. The move to add him to the coaching staff comes after recent chatter centered on Pete Carroll operating without much internal pushback. Carroll stated in the past that Smith was on the shortlist of people that kept him accountable.

Another voice in the room to keep things in line is one of the areas that Wilson reportedly wants to see improvement in Seattle. There is still much work ahead, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Offseason ahead will be quite telling

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The Seahawks may have made the simple move by bringing back a familiar face to their coaching staff, but it at least shows they want to make it work with Russell Wilson.

Wilson is not only a bonafide franchise quarterback but also one of the best talents in the league. His impact and performance are critical in making the Seahawks into at least a playoff constant. Over the last several seasons, he has become the driving force for their success.

The 32-year-old’s first desire is to amend things with the Seahawks as his heart lies with the franchise that he helped lead to a Super Bowl win. Wilson has fully embraced the organization and the city, but he’s growing increasingly comfortable with the idea of playing elsewhere.

The pressure lies with the Seahawks getting on the same page as their franchise cornerstone. Time will tell this offseason if that bridge can be mended toward a long-term resolution keeping Wilson in Seattle.