The Seahawks Finally Silence the Doubt Around Russell Wilson’s Future

Since the end of the 2020 NFL season, there has been a strong undercurrent around the Seattle Seahawks concerning Russell Wilson. Much of that talk centers on the star quarterback’s long-term future with the franchise. The chatter has seemingly dwindled, but it didn’t stop the Seahawks from attempting to put an end to the discussion this week.

Russell Wilson voices his frustration with the Seahawks

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Shortly after Super Bowl 55, Russell Wilson made headlines by publicly airing his frustrations with the Seahawks.

The conversation immediately shifted over to his future with the franchise as it marked the first time that he’d voiced those feelings through the media. Wilson’s agent even sent out a list of four teams he would welcome a trade to if that pathway became serious.

A report from The Athletic also emerged detailing the years of lingering internal friction between him and head coach Pete Carroll, much of which has seen the latter garner tremendous control within the franchise.

The conversation has now guided Carroll and the Seahawks to address the matter again before this week’s draft.

The Seahawks finally silence the doubt around Russell Wilson’s future

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The chatter around Russell Wilson’s future in Seattle has waned drastically over the last several weeks.

However, it’s been a lingering discussion that hasn’t had any finality or swift resolution. Carroll finally put an end to the conversation by stating that he expects to have Wilson in Seattle for quite some time.

“Russ has been our quarterback for a good while,” Carroll said, via Pro Football Talk. “We’ve got a long contract with him. And when all of the conversation went about trades and all that — I knew what the truth was: We weren’t trading Russell. So we plan on him being here for a good while.

“I don’t know how many years it is now, but we’re in great shape and a long future ahead of us is shared. Russ knows that. I know that. We’re very clear about it. That’s why it was really obvious that we just had to sit back and kind of let the media take its course with the topic. So we did. So we’re in good shape and both very clear about that.”

There may have been some interest from the 32-year-old concerning a possible trade, but the Seahawks never intended to move him. He is the centerpiece to their offense—and more importantly, their future.

Any decision to move him would shake the team to the core as he’s been the driving force in making the Seahawks a playoff constant in the NFC. Carroll’s comments should put that dialogue to bed for the rest of this offseason heading into the 2021 campaign.

Pivotal 2021 season lies ahead for Seattle

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Carroll’s comments may end the dialogue around Wilson’s future this offseason, but it puts greater importance on the 2021 campaign.

The eight-time Pro Bowler clearly isn’t fully satisfied with the direction of the franchise. He wants to see a vast improvement from the offensive line, which has been a sore spot over the last few seasons.

Wilson has guided Seattle to continued regular-season success, but it has fallen in the wild-card round twice over the last three seasons.

The quarterback is committed to the Seahawks. But if things begin to trend south, the trade conversation could once again heat up.

Depending on how the 2021 campaign unfolds, next offseason could see significant change ahead.