Seahawks’ Jamal Adams Needs to Grow Up and Forget About the Jets

Even after beginning a new marriage, Jamal Adams is still worried about his ex-girlfriend.

Adams is one of the NFL’s best safeties and just began his Seattle Seahawks tenure in style. But instead of fully celebrating his own performance and what Russell Wilson did on offense, Adams spent the postgame taking shots at his old employer, the New York Jets.

At some point, Adams — who has struggled with his emotions since entering the NFL in 2017 — needs to grow up and forget the Jets.

Jamal Adams joined the Seahawks this offseason

An All-Pro safety and dynamic game-changer, Jamal Adams ended his previous relationship by pouting and demanding a trade.

Publicly expressing one’s frustration is nothing new in the sports world. But how Adams handled things, including publicly doubting head coach Adam Gase’s ability to lead a football team, hastened his departure from New York.

Enter the Seattle Seahawks, who traded two first-round picks, a third-round pick, and safety Bradley McDougald to the Jets for Adams and a 2022 fourth-round pick.

With no preseason this year, Adams needed to wait until Seattle’s Week 1 opener at Atlanta to make his Seahawks debut.

Adams dominated in his Seahawks debut

Jamal Adams didn’t need long to make the Seahawks feel comfortable with acquiring him.

Adams had 12 tackles and a sack in Seattle’s 38-25 victory over Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

The 24-year-old Adams resembled a heat-seeking missile for the Seahawks, one of three teams in the NFC West Division that opened Week 1 with a victory.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the New York Jets lost, 27-17, to the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo stymied the Jets’ offense, aside from Jamison Crowder’s 69-yard catch-and-run touchdown.

Jamal Adams needs to focus on Seattle and forget the Jets


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If Week 1 marked Jamal Adams’ wedding with the Seahawks, he spent the post-ceremony portion thinking about his ex-girlfriend.

In his postgame media session with reporters, Adams said his Seahawks debut wasn’t “boring.” Many took that as Adams directing a shot at the Jets.

Adams proved those people correct when a reporter asked him what it felt like watching Russell Wilson and the Seahawks score 38 points.

According to ESPN, Adams replied, “I’m not used to it.”

“It’s exciting. It’s exciting to know when we do come off the field we can definitely make our adjustments, catch a breather. For Russ to go out there and do what he’s always done, I’m just happy to be a part of this organization. These guys are telling me they’re happy I’m here, but I’m really happy I’m here, man.”

Jamal Adams has every reason to be glad about leaving New York. Adams clearly wasn’t happy there and he now plays for a team with realistic Super Bowl aspirations.

In essence, Adams just married into a wealthy family who can help him achieve every goal and dream he ever had. That should be enough for Adams to stop thinking about the Jets.

At some point, Adams needs to move on from his ex and embrace his new relationship. The Seahawks need Adams to grow up and keep his emotions in check, especially as he pursues a long-term extension.

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