Seahawks Just Gave Jadeveon Clowney a Huge Reason to Re-Sign

Since the start of free agency, star outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney has remained in the open market. There hasn’t been any clarity as to which team he could join this offseason ahead of the 2020 campaign. However, that hasn’t entirely ruled out the scenario of him returning to the Seattle Seahawks. His former team may have given him a strong reason to consider trying to make a return possible.

Jadeveon Clowney floating out in free agency

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Since landing with the Seahawks last offseason in a blockbuster trade, Jadeveon Clowney aimed for a big payday in free agency.

However, that hasn’t come as he has yet to garner any serious interest for an NFL team. There have been reports of teams such as the Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, and New Orleans Saints. There have been several hurdles to emerge that began with organizations being unable to take a physical due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

That chatter transitioned over to his desire to receive a lucrative contract, which teams haven’t grown comfortable with handing out. The Cleveland Browns reportedly put out a massive offer to Clowney, but he declined to take the deal. Outside that, he has been searching to get the contract he wants from the proper situation in the next chapter of his career.

Jamal Adams’ arrival is more than enough reason

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The Seahawks have made it known to Jadeveon Clowney that they would welcome him back but not at the price tag he wants.

Seattle may have just made it more intriguing for Clowney to return as the team made the splashy move to acquire Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams. It was a hefty haul that included a pair of first-round picks, but the team now has one of the league’s best safeties in tow. The Seahawks have an opportunity to take the next step up with an elite talent in the mix in their secondary.

There’s no certainty that Clowney will come down on his price, but the Seahawks just became a more attractive landing spot. They have already proven to be one of the top teams in the NFC and were quite close to an NFC Championship game berth last year. That has led Adams to begin already recruiting the star outside linebacker back.

It’s all on the Pro Bowler’s shoulders to weigh what his best options are, and that may be back where he played in 2019.

Pressure is on Jadeveon Clowney

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The control of the entire situation remains in Jadeveon Clowney’s hands as he has teams interested in signing him.

The hold up has been his price tag that most teams are not comfortable with committing to with a player with an injury history. Clowney is a highly talented player, but he has struggled to stay healthy that have hurt him this offseason. He missed three games in his first campaign with the franchise due to nagging ailments.

The Seahawks have shown a willingness to bring him back aboard, but it will have to be at a reduced price. Beyond that, Seattle could present the best chance to win a Super Bowl in the 2020 season from all his options.

It up to him to take a significant dip down from the $20 million a season that he wants on his next deal. Simply put, his NFL future is solely in his control.