The Seattle Seahawks Made it Crystal Clear to Russell Wilson What They Think of Him

There has been no shortage of chatter around the Seattle Seahawks concerning Russell Wilson. Since Wilson publicly voiced his frustrations with the organization, it has created uncertainty concerning his long-term future in Seattle. With that conversation brewing, the Seahawks have quickly made it clear how they genuinely feel about their star quarterback.

Russell Wilson airs frustration with Seahawks

The last several days have remain filled with chatter concerning Russell Wilson‘s future in Seattle.

Wilson surprisingly chose to publicly air his frustrations with a few aspects of his situation with the Seahawks. The 32-year-old voiced last week that he wanted improved offensive line protection while confirming he desired more say in player personnel decisions.

“I love playing for Seattle,” Wilson stated to reporters on Tuesday. “Loved it for years. You just never want to get hit. I’ve been sacked almost 400 times. We’ve got to get better. I’ve got to get better… I’m frustrated with getting hit too much.”

During his appearance on the Dan Patrick Show last week, Wilson stirred the pot a bit more by stating that he didn’t know if the Seahawks made him available in trade talks. These comments created the sense that his tenure in Seattle could be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks have remained quiet publicly concerning the matter. Instead, the team has taken the route to privately voice how they genuinely feel about their star quarterback.

Seahawks make it crystal clear to Russell Wilson what they think of him

The public pressure Russell Wilson put on the Seahawks has shifted the discussion toward his future with the franchise.

Seattle hasn’t missed a step with the entire situation as they have once again aired their standing with their star quarterback. According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, her source within the Seahawks’ organization recently voiced they have no desire to move Wilson.

“Russell Wilson isn’t getting traded,” Anderson’s source said concerning the matter.

Wilson certainly holds disgruntlement with his lack of say in the player personnel decision and stable protection from the offensive line. However, the Seahawks have no intention at this point in moving on from the 32-year-old.

Seattle isn’t entertaining any discussion regarding trade scenarios for the star quarterback. Wilson is their franchise cornerstone and a significant reason for their continued success over nearly the last decade.

Until something drastic changes, it’s hard to believe that the Seahawks will pivot toward being open to trading the eight-time Pro Bowler.

Seattle has critical offseason ahead


Russell Wilson Just Sent a Scary Message About His Future With the Seattle Seahawks

Throughout the entire process, Russell Wilson has stayed the course of voicing his desire to remain with the Seahawks.

Although much of what he is stating can be discussed behind the scenes directly to the organization, it’s his way to publicly pressure the team into changes. Wilson is well aware of his status as an elite talent and his impact on Seattle’s future.

There may be no desire to move on from the Seahawks, but rather the intent of his message is to generate some much-needed roster changes. The onus is now on the front office to make the necessary moves to elevate the team into Super Bowl contention.

Wilson has received some criticism for his comments, but it’s a pathway he chose to go to shift things into high gear this offseason. Ultimately, the next few weeks will reveal how much the Seahawks value their star quarterback’s input.