The Seahawks May Already Have Their Eyes on Russell Wilson’s Replacement

Over the last month, the Seattle Seahawks have dealt with constant chatter concerning star quarterback Russell Wilson‘s future. Wilson aired his frustrations with the franchise that have placed the possibility of a trade on the table. As the speculation continues to linger in Seattle, head coach Pete Carroll may already have his eyes on their next quarterback.

Russell Wilson remains unhappy in Seattle

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Since Super Bowl 55, the Seahawks have trekked through a tough situation centered on Russell Wilson’s future.

The star quarterback aired out his frustrations to the media that have placed the spotlight on the franchise. The conversation progressed to Wilson’s agent presenting Seattle with a list of teams where he would welcome a trade if a change of scenery became necessary.

The ongoing chatter has now guided the discussion toward head coach Pete Carroll’s potential plans for finding a replacement under center.

The Seahawks may already have their eyes on Russell Wilson’s replacement

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Since the start of the offseason, the Seahawks have remained firm on not enticing trade talks for Russell Wilson.

Seattle is hoping to move through the offseason with Wilson in the fold to push the franchise forward. However, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News is reporting that head coach Pete Carroll may have his eyes on New York Jets’ quarterback Sam Darnold if the 32-year-old is moved.

There beyond his admiration for Darnold, Carroll shares a connection with him that runs through USC. The longtime Seahawks head coach also spoke highly of the Darnold last December.

“I think he’s really talented without question,” Carroll said. “He’s got great throws in him. He’s a real quarterback. He sees things. He makes big plays and big throws in difficult situations because of his talent. It’s just a matter of time. Sam’s going to be a really big-time QB. He’s thrown a lot of balls in three years. He’s had a lot of experience. It will pay off in the long run.”

Much of that could be deemed coach speak, but the comments are more telling given the recently reported interest. Darnold isn’t exactly on solid ground in New York, as there are lingering rumors that the team would entertaining trade offers. His asking price could be well in range for Seattle to make a strong push.

The Seahawks haven’t reached an impasse with their star quarterback, but the team may already have their eyes on their next option under center.

Seattle wants to keep their star quarterback

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Pete Carroll may have an interest in acquiring Sam Darnold, but that is a route that only holds footing if the team cannot work out things with Russell Wilson.

There is a clear disconnect within the franchise with Wilson that has festered over the last several years. The eight-time Pro Bowler reached a breaking point, which led to his public criticisms of the franchise to create some much-needed internal changes.

Wilson still holds a strong desire to remain with the franchise, which places the onus entirely on the Seahawks to fix the situation. Seattle is well aware of the impact that he has had on the franchise that has helped make them a playoff constant.

Wilson has simply reached a point where he wants massive change to push Seattle through into Super Bowl contention. An improved offensive line and more say in roster personnel decisions could be pivotal steps in that direction.

The ball is in the Seahawks’ court to shift things into high gear to keep their star quarterback fully committed.